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Top 5 Causes of Distracted Driving and How to Avoid Doing It

In 2017, distracted driving was responsible for the deaths of approximately 3,166 motorists. To make matters worse, driving while distracted is something we’re all guilty of.

But that’s not an excuse. It’s time to do better.

You can do your part by reading on as we explore five of the most common causes of distracted driving, as well as some tips to help you curb bad behavior.

1. Texting

Without a doubt, you’ve heard about the dangers of texting while driving. There’s even a nationwide campaign to stop it. By the way, that’s after texting while driving was made illegal in most states!

Yet 75% of people do it anyway.

Seriously, wait until you reach your destination to send that text. And if it’s an emergency, pull over at the first safe spot you see.

2. Eating

Drive-throughs: They’re convenient, fun, and perfect for grabbing a bite while you’re on the road.

While hitting up your favorite fast food joint is an excellent way to get your snack on, munching on those fries while driving home isn’t exactly safe.

Yes, we know that fries are always best when they’re piping hot. But it’s better to enjoy them from the comfort of your home rather than a hospital bed.

3. Smoking

Smoking while driving seems harmless enough on the surface (if you ignore the blatant dangers of smoking, that is). But when you stop to think about it, it becomes clear that it’s a horrible idea.

For one thing, fire and vehicles aren’t the safest mixtures in the world, to say the least. Also, to smoke, you’d have to take one hand off the wheel, plus your eyes off of the road.

4. Speeding

You’ve gone down these roads 1,000 times and you know them like the back of your hand. Going an extra 10 mph over the speed limit shouldn’t do any harm.

We’re guilty of it, too. But that doesn’t make it any better.

Especially when you stop to realize how little it takes to lose control of a vehicle at a high speed. Click here to learn more about how speeding can be a fatal error.

5. Loud Music

The sun is shining and your playlist is killer. It’s gonna be a good day! However, you may want to reconsider before cranking the volume.

One study found that that noise (even good noise) can be a distraction that impairs our ability to perform simple tasks like driving.

For music lovers, there is a silver lining, though. That same study discovered that a “moderate level of music” can help ease stress and frustration while on the road.

So go ahead and enjoy your music. Just make sure it’s not so loud that you’re more focused on the music rather than the road.

Avoid These Causes of Distracted Driving Before It’s Too Late

There you have it, five of the most common causes of distracted driving. By now, you’ve probably noticed that they all share something in common.

Yep, they’re all avoidable. By preventing distracted driving, you can help keep yourself and your fellow motorists safe.

For more road safety tips — and car tips, in general — make sure you check out our blog for more great content like this!