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5 Tips on How to Remove a Bumper Sticker from Your Car

Ever felt sick, angry, and tired of a bumper sticker that won’t want to leave your car? It can be extremely annoying it can be especially if you’ve just bought a sticker with a hateful slogan!

Or you have finally found a buyer for your car, but one who doesn’t want to take home your bumper sticker. First, undo all your cares because, with these 5 simple tips, you will learn how to remove a bumper sticker from your car with ease.

How? Blowing hot air, applying steam, using a plastic scraper, spraying white vinegar, or using an adhesive remover spray- are just a few tips gathered to help you. Behind every game is a hidden trick.

Best Tricks on How to Remove a Bumper Sticker from Your Car

An annoying bumper sticker can be difficult to remove. If you have had just about enough of it, you need to remove it, to replace it with a sticker relevant to your current situation from Midwest Sticker Shop. Here are 5 important tricks to use when removing a bumper sticker from your car.

1. Blowing Hot Air

Bumper stickers never go hand in hand with hot air. They will leave without goodbye once you bring the two together. Wondering where to get hot air? Your hair dryer!

After all, almost every home has one and if you don’t have one, worry not! Just stop your car next to a hair parlor, and they will be more than happy to assist. But remember to carry a small tip to show your appreciation!

Set the hair dryer at its hottest. Then hold it about 5 inches away from the sticker. Here is the trick…Heat the middle part of the bumper sticker first for 2 to 5 minutes depending on the size moving it all around the central part to avoid overheating one section.

Stop when the edges begin lifting up and just use your hands to peel it out. Simple!

2. Applying Steam

The idea here is to loosen the adhesive gently. One creative and beneficial use of your clothes steamer is to remove bumper stickers. Caught off guard? Use a cloth steamer!

Before you start doubting, let us try it practically. Hold your clothes streamer about 5 inches away from the bumper sticker. Now steam every section of the sticker as you move around and avoid over steaming a particular part, or you will damage the car surface.

Distribute the steam equally until the edges begin loosening and lifting. Then switch off the steamer and peel the bumper sticker using your hands. It’s just that simple.

3. Using a Plastic Scraper

The word here is “plastic” not metal or glass, and you know better why. Credit card or plastic putty knives are good and readily available tools to use in removing bumper stickers. It can take some time, but eventually, this method works. If you are impatient, avoid this method, but if you are the patient person, who doesn’t care about the process as much as the result, then this is the best way to remove bumper stickers.

It will not leave a scratch on your car or damage the surface.

Here’s how to do it. Use the scraper to lift an edge slowly. Once the edge is big enough to hold with your hand, do it and continue scraping until you get to the other edge.

Now hold the middle of the two edges and continue scraping and peeling as you move to the rest of the bumper sticker. Before you know it you will be holding the entire sticker with your hand ready to throw it away. That’s how to remove bumper stickers safely.

You can use some alcohol to eliminate the white remnants of the sticker in case there are some.

4. Spraying White Vinegar

It’s true you can sometimes dip a small towel or a cotton cloth in white vinegar and slowly wipe the sticker with it. But that is if you don’t mind touching the vinegar with your hands. If you choose this method, rub the sticker with the wet towel, completely soaking it with the liquid.

It will begin wearing off, and you can then peel it off. Wipe out every bit of the sticker until you leave the car clean. Soaking a towel in white vinegar as a method of bumper sticker removal is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Some people prefer using a spray. Using this method, take a spray bottle if you have one at home or buy from a store. Pour some white vinegar in it.

Then begin spraying the liquid on the bumper sticker until it is thoroughly soaked. Let it sit for a moment and then spray again. The bumper sticker will begin loosening and peeling off.

You can then use a dry cotton cloth or towel to wipe it out. Also, you can use a paint brush to saturate the sticker with the white vinegar. The idea is to remove the bumper sticker, so use what is within your reach at the moment to apply the which vinegar on the sticker.

5. Using an Adhesive Remover Spray

Some bumper stickers are stubbornly tricky to remove. None of the removal methods works for them. The idea of removing such a bumper sticky can be irritating.

However, that’s before you know about adhesive remover spray. Spray as per the instruction and wait for it to sit before spraying it again. Ensure the sticker is saturated with the liquid before you let it sit.

Usually, the directions on the bottle of the adhesive tell the amount of time you have to wait for it to settle. Check for precautionary tips like not touching it with bare hands as indicated to avoid health problems.

An adhesive remover spray removes annoying stickers and not every bumper sticker. Also, read the instructions well before applying, to know the quantity you should spray and the number of times to repeat if the sticker proves stubborn.

Learn How to Remove Bumper Stickers from Your Car

Now that you are equipped with these few tips on how to remove bumper stickers, you should not worry about such problems in the future. As stated, be sure to apply these tricks with caution because the technique you use is vital.

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