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7 Reliable And Good First Cars To Buy Your Children

Is your teenager moving up in high school and you’re looking to get them a cool birthday gift? Are you looking for a list of good first cars for your child? Look no further because we’ve got the list of unique but quality cars that you need.

A 2018 record of the Federal Highway Administration found that drivers under 20 drove an average of 7,624 miles per year. It may not seem like much compared to the 15,098 average annual miles of 20-34 year-olds. Yet, you want to get your kid a car that can run those miles and still be affordable.

Read on below for a list of 7 awesome cars that promise that and more.

1. 1979 International Scout II

When you give your kid his first car, it needs quality first. Some parents get their teenagers old, beaten cars from a used car shop. For a family on a budget, that’s no problem at all.

The important thing is you ensure that the car has great quality. Investing your money in a timeworn but still operational ride will be worth it.

With a supercharged V8, a custom interior, other possible customizations, the ’79 Scout is a wonderful gift for your kid. It has good bones, a removable hardtop, and straight lines. Furthermore, Velocity Restorations can always add more modern amenities on this sweet ride.

If you remembered how much you loved the booming sound system in your car as a teen, your kid would love this too. It’s a good starter car for any teenager. The best part is: they get to choose how the restoration goes.

2. 1971 International Scout 800

Does your child have a knack for picking up abandoned things? Well, picking up this Scout 800 restoration project should be an interesting and worthwhile task for your kid. Let him work on his creative side.

Let us help him rebuild this with a high-powered V8 or with its original power train. It will be his pride and joy to showcase a well-restored Scout 800. After all, it’s not every day you spot a 1971 International Scout 800 on the road.

For teenagers, 4x4s are always good starter cars. It allows them the space to bring friends on a road trip or an awesome vacation. Better yet, let them choose whether they like an SUV or a pickup truck body style.

3. 1972 International Scout II

It’s a shame that the era of creating a basic and true SUV is over. International Harvester was one of the best companies at creating simple SUVs. One thing is for sure: it made a great best first car for many seniors.

Although that time is over, there are still many who appreciate the 1972 Scout II. The International Harvester brand has a loyal following, and your kid will enjoy being a part of it. If he doesn’t, he can always save up to buy a car of his own choosing.

Despite the vintage model, there are many new additions you can get to enhance its usability. Get a custom interior for a cozier space. A lower suspension height gives the extra safety measure and better handling.

4. 1966 U13 Roadster Ford Bronco

Built in September 1965, the rare U13 Roadster has a unique body style. There is an estimate of 250 U13 Roadsters left existing out of the 5000. With a car this unique and stylized, who’s to deny such a gift?

This one-of-a-kind (or 250-of-a-kind rather) roadster could even get stylized into a Jeep. Your kid can even choose to replace the engine with a Coyote engine for supreme performance. You’ll also earn more “cool parent” points for it.

Did your child not only graduate but did so with high honors and other school achievements? It would make an awesome congratulatory gift for getting notable awards.

5. 1963 International Scout 80

If you’re feeling generous, a Scout 80 will be a great starter car for your child. The Scout 80 series was first of the off-road cars designed for civilians. And though it isn’t clear, it may be the critical link between the military Jeep and the modern SUV.

Add this curbside classic to your home. Should your teenager want a powerful engine, let him have it. Custom touches and a new drivetrain will also give this car a personal twist.

6. 1976 International Scout II

Did you know that buying a brand-new car can cost you 26.8% more than buying a used one? This is good news for parents who want their kids to learn to appreciate what they’re given. It’s also great for parents who only have a limited budget for their kids.

Yet, an old ’76 Scout II might need more care and attention than your usual used car. It’s a classic car from the Scout series, after all. It’s not only reliable but also perfect for starters.

Start investing in a Scout II, plus extra customizations. If you’re on a tight budget, get your kid to contribute for the restoration. Teach your children that all good things need self-discipline and patience.

7. 1976 Classic Ford Bronco

Coming out of the same year, the 1976 Classic Ford Bronco is a true gift. It’s the best first car for teenagers who are also car enthusiasts. Restyled right, this reliable vehicle can last for a long time in possession of your child.

As time passes, this vintage car could even go up in value. It won’t only be a perfect first for your kid’s eventual car collection. It will also be one with sentimental value as it’s a gift coming from you.

Get Good First Cars for Your Kids Today!

Those are a list of good first cars for your children. They’re not only good for fresh graduates, but they’re also high-end cars for beginners. Not bad for a first car at all.

For more information on these cars, feel free to check out our page. We offer quality, reliability, and great performance for all restoration projects by giving you the information you need for your next project.