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7 Blog Content Ideas to Take Your Car Blog From 0 to 60

Is it possible to run out of blog content ideas?

It really depends on your point of view. Beginning bloggers can easily get stuck on what to write about. You may have a passion for cars that you want to share but have no clue how to get that passion to the computer screen.

Other people seem to come up with content ideas at will. It is possible for you to be in this category. All you have to do is follow this formula.

Keep reading to find out where to go for content inspiration and content ideas that are sure to bring your car blog a ton of traffic.

Where to Go for Blog Content Ideas

The first thing that you want to do is get a bunch of ideas written down. There are a few places to look for ideas.

Pinterest is an incredible content idea tool, especially if your auto business targets women. Pinterest functions like a search engine. Begin your research by entering a search term on Pinterest, like car repair. You’ll find that people are searching for car repair and auto maintenance.

Do your search and you’ll find the most popular pins. This will show you what people are looking for and reading on Pinterest.

Do the same thing on Google. You’ll find content ideas there and you’ll see the blogs that you’re competing against.

Keep a running spreadsheet of these blog content ideas. Run them through a keyword research tool to make sure that there is enough search volume to generate traffic to your site. 

You want to do these steps every three months or so to keep your content schedule fresh.

1. Teach People How-To

DIY auto repair is the fastest growing market segment in North America. Instead of viewing it as competition, view it as a way to help gain new customers.

It’s your opportunity to shine and show off your expertise, gain their trust, and show them how to solve a problem.

You can show them basic car repair tips, like changing oil, or how to jumpstart a car.

In many cases, what will happen is that they’ll try it at home, run into an issue, and then call on an expert to figure it out. That expert can be you.

2. Statistics Articles

One big part of SEO is backlinks. One sure way to get backlinks is to do an article with a list of statistics.

If you want to generate traffic from that article, you’ll want to do your article that people will be interested in, like car repair statistics.

You can take your statistics and create infographics from them, which are shared often on social media, generating more backlinks and traffic.

3. List Articles

List posts are often derided in blog circles, but people still click on them. Blog content ideas like 5 Car Maintenance Tips Before Your Summer Road Trip or 5 Winter Driving Tips to Handle the Snow are examples of list articles.

4 Quizzes

People love to take quizzes. They love to show off their knowledge, challenge themselves, and share their experience with friends.

Buzzfeed built a content empire off of doing quizzes. You can do the same by learning the same technique to create a Buzzfeed quiz here.

5. Best of Posts

People what to know the best in the car industry. You can write up guides about the best aftermarket parts for certain cars, the best mid-range cars, or anything else you can imagine.

6. Printable Checklists

If you search for car maintenance on Google and Pinterest, you’ll notice that people are searching for printable checklists. You can write maintenance checklists for specific manufacturers that you work with.

You can create a packet of car maintenance checklists and use them as an article or as a lead magnet. A lead magnet will encourage someone to sign up for your list in order to get the checklists.

7.  Local Events for Local SEO

If you’re a local business like a car dealership or repair shop, appearing high up in search results is critical for your success.

You can highlight your local area by creating content about local events. These are things that you can do that spotlight other local businesses and events in your area.

It will generate goodwill in your community and potentially get more backlinks to your site.

Remember to Write for Your Audience

The biggest mistake that many novice writers make is that they write for themselves, and not for their audience.

There’s nothing wrong with writing for yourself. If you want your blog to add value and have your blog generate leads and sales, then you need to write for your audience. That’s how you’ll build trust and credibility.

You’ll also build a loyal readership that will keep coming back to your blog until they’re ready to buy a car or visit your repair shop.

Here is the formula to writing for yourself. Start out with a strong headline. The blog content ideas on this list are designed to make headline writing simple. That’s what will entice people to click through to your site.

Now, hit’em over the head with a killer intro. Ask a question or tell a joke to get their attention and tell them what they can expect the rest of the article.

In the body, show your expertise about the topic. In your list of content ideas, you should have plenty of ideas that have been done to death. Your task is to add a new twist or fill in the gaps that the other articles didn’t cover.

Wrap it up in the conclusion and you have yourself a killer blog post that will drive traffic to your site and convert.

Start Up Your Car Blog Today

It can be intimidating to write a blog. You’re trying to promote your business and share a passion for cars. Coming up with enough content ideas can be a huge challenge, but with these ideas, you can never have enough to write about.

When you do write your content, don’t forget to write for your audience. You can have the best blog content ideas, but without good execution, your blog is done.

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