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What Happens if a Towing Service Damaged My Car?

You just walked outside and realized that your car won’t start. Something is wrong. You have to call a mechanic and a tow truck company for help.

But it gets worse: You discover damage on your car that apparently happened when it was towed.

Now what? What’s your next step? Will your car insurance cover the damages caused by the towing service?

Keep reading this article to find out!

Having the Right Coverage

Generally, collision coverage will cover towing-related damages. A collision policy will pay for damage caused by other vehicles or objects that harm or collide into your own car.

Typically, collision policies have a deductible. You may have to pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company pays.

Find out what your coverage is.

What to do After You Discover the Damage by the Towing Service

When you arrive at the towing company or lot, immediately check for problems. Look for these types of things:

  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Difficulty with the car’s alignment
  • Deflated tires

Make sure to write down notes and take pictures. Collect witness statements from someone who maybe scratched your car by accident, like the tow truck operator.

If you’ve just arrived and you see them unloading your truck, videotape it in case something happens.

How to Make Sure the Towing Company Pays

The area that you live in likely has rules that govern how a tow truck driver must operate.

Each municipality has laws that tell how tow truck drivers must operate. They also explain what to do when an accident occurs, and a car is damaged. They will tell you who has to cover the costs.

If the tow truck is paid through the state or city, it may be difficult to have your claim covered. Most tow truck drivers are independent and not run by the government.

Find out who the towing company is affiliated with.

Find out if the city you live in allows you to submit claims and other documentation for your case.

Sometimes, the tow truck company will graciously cover the damages. Let your insurer know even if the costs are included.

However, if the tow truck company doesn’t believe your claim or won’t collaborate, go to your car insurance company and collect the costs from the towing company.

Call an Attorney

If your car is damaged by a tow truck service, call an attorney and discuss what your case is. A licensed attorney can help you go over your situation and see if you have a claim against the tow truck company. Good luck!

Take Charge of the Situation

We hope you found this article helpful. Remember, when you discover damage to your car, take pictures and examine where the damage has occurred. Try and speak with some of the workers at the towing service and gain evidence.

Then, call your car insurance company to see if they will cover the damages. If you’re feeling really uncertain, call a local attorney to find out the next best steps.

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