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1941 Cadillac

1941 Cadillac Convertible

For 1941, the Series 61 designation was brought back, replacing LaSalle in the Cadillac price structure. A new Series 63 was offered in one body style. A new Series 67, with Fisher sedan bodies and the longest wheelbase (3531mm) replaced the 1940 Series 72. For the first time since 1926, all Cadillac products used the same engine.

1941 Cadillac interior

1941 Cadillac Sixty-Special

Front end stylists adopted a theme which was to be repeated for years to come. The one piece hood came down lower in front, included the side panels, and extended sideways to the fenders. A single, rectangular panel of louver trim was used on each side of the hood. Access to the engine compartment was improved, to say the least. The rectangular grill was wide, vertical, and bulged forward in the middle. Rectangular parking lights were built into the top outer corners of the grille. Headlights were built into the nose of the fenders, and provision for built in accessory fog lights was proved under the headlights. Three chrome spears were on the rear section of all four fenders, except on the Sixty Special. Rear wheel shields (fender skirts) were standard on most bodies.

Sixty special front fenders extended into the front doors

Series 61 Coupe and Sedan were fastback styles reminiscent of the Aerodynamic coupes of the Thirties.

Series 62 came in the standard body style lineup, including the only Convertible Sedan for 1941 and the last such body style offered by Cadillac.

1941 Cadillac interior

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1941 Cadillac Sixty-Special Convertible

Running boards were concealed or no-cost options on all but the 60S and 75; the Sixty Special had none and the 75s had nothing but. Power tops, electric divisions, factory installed air conditioning, and Hydra-Matic transmissions were available.

Serial numbers were located on the left frame side bar, opposite the steering gear. Starting number: Same as the engine number. Ending number: Same as engine number. Engine numbers were on the crankcase, just behind the left cylinder block parallel to the dash.


1941 Cadillac

1941 Cadillac

ModelBeginning serial numberEnding serial number
Series 41-60S63400016344101
Series 41-6153400015369258
Series 41-6373400017345050
Series 41-6283400018364734
Series 41-6793400019340922
Series 41-7533400013342101


Fleetwood Series 41-60S, 126 in. wheelbase
Style No.Body TypeSeatingPriceWeightProduction
41-6019Sedan5 pass.$21951923 kg3,693
41-6019ASunroof Sedan5 pass  185
41-6019FImperial Sedan5 pass$23451950 kg220
41-6053LBTown Car5 pass$23451950 kg1
41-60Chassis   1


Fisher Series 41-61, 126 in wheelbase
Style No.Body TypeSeatingPriceWeightProduction
41-6109Touring sedan5 pass$14451848 kg10,925
41-6109DTouring Sedan Deluxe5 pass$15351857 kg3,495
41-6127Coupe5 pass$13451811 kg11,812
41-6127DCoupe Deluxe5 pass$14351820 kg3,015
41-61Chassis   3


Fisher Series 41-62, 126 in. wheelbase
Style No.Body TypeSeatingPriceWeightProduction
41-6219Touring Sedan5 pass$14951832 kg8,012
41-6219DTouring Sedan Deluxe5 pass$15351841 kg7,754
41-6219DTouring Sedan Deluxe (CKD)5 pass$15351841 kg96
41-6227Coupe2/4 pass$14201795 kg1,985
41-6227DCoupe Deluxe2/4 pass$15101805 kg1,900
41-6229DConvertible Sedan Deluxe5 pass$19651923 kg400
41-6267DConvertible Coupe Deluxe2/4 pass$16451843 kg3,100
41-62Chassis   4
41-62Commercial Chassis   1,475


Fisher Series 41-63, 126 in. wheelbase
Style No.Body TypeSeatingPriceWeightProduction
41-6319Touring sedan5 pass$16961841 kg5,050


Fisher Series 41-67, 139 in wheelbase
Style No.Body TypeSeatingPriceWeightProduction
41-6719Touring sedan5 pass$25952070 kg315
41-6719-FImperial Touring sedan (Divided window)5 pass$27452098 kg95
41-6723Touring sedan7 pass$27352105 kg280
41-6733Imperial Touring sedan7 pass$28902139 kg210


Fleetwood Series 41-75, 136 in. wheelbase
Style No.Body TypeSeatingPriceWeightProduction
41-7519Touring sedan5 pass$29952159 kg422
41-7519-FTouring sedan (Div. window)5 pass$31502186 kg132
41-7523Touring sedan7 pass$31402182 kg405
41-7523-LBusiness Touring sedan9 pass$28952159 kg54
41-7533Touring Imperial7 pass$32952209 kg757
41-7533-FFormal sedan7 pass$40452234 kg98
41-7533-LBusiness Touring Imperial9 pass$30502186 kg6
41-7559Formal sedan5 pass$39202227 kg75
41-75Chassis   5
41-75Commercial Chassis   150


Engine typeNinety degree, L-Head, 8-cylinders
Engine blockCast iron block (blocks cast enbloc with crankcase)
Bore & Stroke88.9mm x 114.3mm
Displacement5.678 Liter
Compression ratio7.25 : 1
Brake horsepower150 hp @ 3400 RPM
Power112 kW @ 3400 RPM
SAE/Taxable horsepower39.20
Main bearingsthree
Valve liftershydraulic
CarburetorStromberg AAV-26, Carter WDO 506s


ModelWheelbaseOverall lengthFront TreadRear TreadTires
Series 41-6OS3200mm5521mm1499mm1600mm7.00 x 15
Series 41-613200mm5461mm1499mm1600mm7.00 x 15
Series 41-623200mm5486mm1499mm1600mm7.00 x 15
Series 41-633200mm5461mm1499mm1600mm7.00 x 15
Series 41-673530mm5791 mm1486mm1588mm7.50 x 16
Series 41-753454mm5744mm1486mm1588mm7.50 x 16
Series 41-62
commercial chassis
4140mm6423mm  7.00 x 16
Series 41-75
commercial chassis
4140mm6423mm  7.50 x 16


TransmissionSelective synchro manual transmission
Speeds3 forward, 1 reverse
Drive positionLeft hand drive (Right hand optional except on 60S and 67)
Gearshift locationOn column
ClutchSingle disc
DriveShaft drive
Rear axleHotchkiss, semifloating rear axle, hypoid gears
Overall ratio (60S, 61, 62, 63)3.77 : 1 (opt. 3.36 : 1)
Overall ratio (67, 75)4.27 : 1 (opt. 3.77 : 1)
BrakesHydraulic brakes on four wheels
WheelsSlotted disc wheels
Wheel size15 in. (16 in on 67 and 75)
Drivetrain optionsAutomatic transmission ($125.00), Hill-holder (Norol) $11.50


1941 Cadillac

1941 Cadillac

Fender skirts$17.50/pair
Heater$59.50 - 65.00
Seat covers$8.75/seat
Fog lights$14.50
Backup light$7.50
Windshield washer$7.50
Wheel discs$4.00 each
Trim rings$1.50 each


1941 Cadillac Notes

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