nitrous oxide can increase your cars performance
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How Nitrous Oxide Can Increase Your Car’s Performance

You have probably seen this in every racing movie. Most notably the popular Fast and the Furious franchise. There is always a moment when a character is in a ferocious battle and the driver presses a button labeled NOS. The car immediately shoots forward with a burst of speed past the other racer.

If you are like the daredevil characters in the show and have a need for speed, you may also be interested in NOS. NOS stands for nitrous oxide systems.

Read on to discover how nitrous oxide can increase your car’s performance.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

What is Nitrous oxide? Nitrous oxide is a chemical compound that can be used as an oxidizer in your engine.

When nitrous oxide is heated to about 570 degrees Fahrenheit, it splits into oxygen and nitrogen. So when you inject nitrous oxide into your engine, more oxygen is available during combustion.

With more oxygen, you can also inject more fuel, allowing the engine to produce more power. The additional oxygen allows the fuel to burn which increases horsepower for bursts of torque and speed. Nitrous oxide can increase your car’s performance and is one of the simplest ways to give a significant boost to any engine.

Nitrous oxide has another effect that improves your car’s performance even more. When it vaporizes, nitrous oxide provides a cooling effect on the intake air. When intake air temperature is reduced, the air’s density is increased, and this provides even more additional oxygen inside your engine’s cylinder.

What Determines Your Car’s Speed?

The speed of a car is determined by a combination of factors. These include engine efficiency, engine performance, weight, and the programming of electronic parts. The relationship between horsepower, torque, and acceleration all determine how fast your car can go.

The two most important things that can be used to increase your car’s speed is air and fuel. Both air and fuel are essential for propelling a car forward. The combustion of both air and fuel in the engine also provides the force needed to power the car to make it move.

The more air and fuel in your engine, the more power it can exert. This is why most upgrades are focused on pushing additional air and fuel into the engine.

There may be more mechanical parts present in older vehicles. These parts take away from the car’s horsepower. Replacing some of these parts can significantly improve a car’s speed and acceleration.

How Nitrous Oxide Can Increase Your Car’s Performance

Nitrous oxide may be something you want to explore if you want to add some horsepower to your car. Not only does it give you that extra speed, nitrous oxide can increase your car’s performance with many other benefits.

The nitrous oxide for a car is stored in a canister in your engine. This canister is kept under pressure so that it maintains it’s liquid state. Once the nitrous is released into the motor, it comes out as a really cold gas. How much gas is used is completely under the driver’s control.

Nitrous oxide is an inexpensive way to add horsepower to your car quickly. Most systems on the market today can be purchased for under $1,000. Keep in mind that nitrous oxide is most effective when used in bursts. That is why most drivers who have a NOS installed are racing professionals.

A nitrous oxide system can be fairly bulky, and the engine needs a lot of it. Like any gas, it takes up a lot of space even when it is compressed into a liquid. That is also why most drivers will use it very sparingly.

Keep in mind that each engine responds to extra power differently. Before installing a nitrous kit, you also need to make sure that your existing hardware in your car can handle the extra power. It is wise to make sure that your engine, drivetrain, and cooling system can handle the extra heat and force.

There are two different types of nitrous systems. Dry systems and wet systems. In dry systems, only nitrous is injected. These systems have to be used with an electronic fuel injection. These injections use oxygen sensors in the exhaust to balance out the oxygen with the fuel. In wet systems, nitrous and fuel are injected simultaneously, which keeps the balance of air and fuel in check.

Nitrous oxide can give your car a dramatic boost in speed and torque with a push of a button. It also increases your car’s performance in other ways such as cooling the intake air. There are many different types of products and kits out there that can provide the increase in speed you are looking for. You can learn more about which kit would be most suitable for your vehicle.

Ready to Use Nitrous Oxide?

Many drivers and racers understand and take advantage of the fact that nitrous oxide can increase your car’s performance. While there are things to be aware of when installing your system, the results can be very worth it.

Always remember that having some extra speed does not mean that you have the right to drive recklessly. If anything, you should be even more careful on the road when equipped with these new car characteristics. Also make sure you check whether the use of NOS is legal in your state, as most places it is only permitted to be used in events such as drag racing.

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