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5 Tips for Avoiding Car Crashes that Every Driver Should Know

car crashesApproximately 4.6 million serious injuries were sustained from car crashes in the USA during 2016. The USA sadly also has the highest car crash death rate in the world.

But all drivers can help to keep themselves and their passengers out of harm’s way with reasonable skill and concentration.

Here are five tips every driver needs to know so that they can do their best to avoid car crashes.

1. Car Crashes are Often Caused by a Distraction

Many car crashes are the result of the driver being distracted. This can happen even if they take their eyes off the road for just for a moment.

While some distractions – such as animals on the road – are out of your control, there are also potential distractions inside the car.

For example, fluffy dice hanging from your rearview mirror can distract you from the road, and so can loud music. So before you turn that radio up – make sure the road is clear.

2. Keep Your Distance

Keeping a good distance from cars in front of you will help you react in time if they brake suddenly.

If you are unlucky to be caught up in a fender bender, make sure you have a good law firm which specializes in road accidents on your side – such as Babcock Partners local accident lawyers.

3. Slow Down!

Many crashes are caused by drivers who are driving at speeds faster than they can handle.

The faster you’re going, the more likely you are to lose control. Plus, you need extra distance you need to stop when you’re traveling faster.

This is especially true in wet conditions. If it’s icy, only make journeys that you absolutely have to, and travel slowly.

4. Keep Your Car in Good Condition

The condition of your car can cause, or contribute to, road accidents.

You should regularly check that your tires have ample tread and that your car has enough fresh oil and water.

Regular servicing at a garage can help you to keep an eye on the more technical and less obvious problems. And professional servicing is an important and too often overlooked matter.

If the garage recommends you change parts for new ones – you should probably listen to them.

It’s better to be safe than sorry for the sake of a new part, even if it’s expensive!

5. Be Careful When You Can’t See Properly

At blind corners or junctions where your view is blocked by, you must edge out with extreme caution.

Lean forward to get a good look left and right at junctions.

At blind corners, sound your horn and slow right down so you’ll have time to react if something is coming the other way.

Stay Safe On The Roads

Hopefully, this guide has taught you some useful tips which will help to protect you.

The main rule here? If in doubt – slow down. Many accidents are completely avoidable, and speed is almost always a contributing factor.

So please – stay safe on the roads!

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