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5 Great Insider Tips for DIY Audi Repair

Repairing an Audi is expensive. But with some simple knowledge, you can avoid visiting the mechanic and fix some Audi issues yourself.

If you’re a car enthusiast or just have great knowledge of cars, you can easily repair an Audi yourself.

Some of these fixes require only specialized tools. Other repairs are simple and cheap.

It’s true that Audis are unique cars and are built for enhanced performance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take the easy and cheap way when your Audi runs into issues.

If your Audi is in dire need of repair, follow these 5 Audi repair tips and bring your Audi back to tiptop shape.

1. Use the Right Tools

To fix and maintain an Audi, you’re going to need specific tools. Obviously, your normal screwdrivers, wrenches, and ratchets are required. But Audis require other important tools when you’re in desperate need of Audi repair.

You may need more tools than what’s listed, depending on your repair. Always conduct research to find out exactly what your repair requires.

These tools include:

  • VIM Triple Squares
  • Snap-On Triple Squares
  • Torx Sockets
  • Torx Bit Set Long
  • Torx Bit Set Short
  • Torx Bit Set Micro
  • Ratcheting Handle Set
  • Hazet Allen
  • Snap-On Allen
  • Sunex Allen
  • Inverted Torx
  • Hose Clamp Pliers
  • Wire Strippers
  • Auto Wire Stripper
  • Wire Crimpers
  • Milwaukee Heat Gun
  • Clamping Pliers
  • Heavy Duty Clamp Tool
  • VW Trim Tool (can also work for Audis)
  • Trim Tool Set
  • OEM Wire Tools
  • Ford Wire Tool (can also work for Audis)
  • Blue Point Wrenches
  • Milwaukee Wrenches
  • 32mm Socket
  • 36mm Socket
  • Oil Filter Cup
  • Vag-Com
  • Wheel Hanger
  • KermaTDI

2. Most German Cars Have the Same Repair Requirements

You probably noticed German-made cars are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain. But you may also notice certain mechanics specialize in German car repair.

Why is that? Well, all German cars are similar in structure.

The big name German brands — which include Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and BMW — have a similar method when repairing the car and its various parts.

These include specialized services, specialized parts, and specialized tools.

Let’s put it this way: German cars are engineered for performance. Therefore, they use expensive equipment, complex electronics, and equipment (for both entertainment and function), German-made parts, and even special tires.

But since German cars are made similarly, the same repair required for a BMW takes a similar process to repairing the same thing on an Audi.

So even if you can’t find a good reference for an Audi repair, search the equivalent for another German car make.

3. Audi Repair Can be Simple

Just about anyone would love to save money on auto repair. But it’s difficult to achieve this when you’re not a car junkie or mechanic. But some Audi repairs that would cost you a fortune are easy to do yourself.

Now, German-car parts are more expensive than a lot of car parts. But by performing this repair DIY, you can be saving double or triple the amount you would spend on a specialized mechanic.

For example, let’s say your gas tank is sludgey or your axle flanges are soaked.

This means you need to replace the rear differential axle seals.

Find the correct rear differential axle seals for your model. The price depends on your model; axle seals per axle could be as little as $10 or as expensive as $30.

And then start the repair.

It’s as simple as unscrewing the bolts of the axle, remove the driveshaft, remove the rest of the bolts holding the differential, and then remove the differential.

From here, you pull out the axle flanges, remove the seals, replace them with the new axle seals, and reinstall the differential.

You’re not doing anything complex — just removing a part, replacing a component, and reinstalling the part. You’re also only spending between $10-$30.

If you were to take your car in for Audi repair, you can expect to spend double or triple that.

4. Find the Cheapest Way to DIY Repair an Audi

You may think the worst when your Audi is dead or is in need of Audi repair. But you can even manage expensive repairs in a cheap way. You just need to know what to look for.

Before spending all of your money on a mechanic, take a day to research and experiment. Because some parts may be easier and cheaper to fix than you would think.

Maybe the DRL module is missing a screw — this screw costs about 50 cents.

Or maybe two little plastic pieces are needed to support your chair, which could cost you well over $100 if the mechanic fixes it. But these pieces shouldn’t cost you more than $20 if you can properly install them.

5. Buy a Used or Older Model Audi

Now, you’re probably wondering why bother buying an old or used model. If you want to buy a newer Audi model, then that’s no issue. Audi has a pretty generous warranty when you buy new.

But if you prefer saving more money, buy a used or older model.

There’s a reason behind this strategy: all Audi models are not created equal.

Therefore, each is built uniquely for enhanced performance.

When you buy a brand new Audi model, there are not many references on DIY repair. But if you buy a used or older model, there are plenty of resources where you can find parts, repair instructions, and which tools are required.

Save Money with DIY Repair

Audis are luxury cars with amazing performance. But no one will argue the expensive and technical upkeep and repairs required for these specialty cars.

However, some repairs are pretty simple and can prevent a trip to the mechanic.

These are repairs you can perform yourself, even if you aren’t an expert. There are also ways you can purchase parts for cheap and install them yourself.

With DIY Audi repair, you can invest in a luxury car while not blowing your money on maintenance and repairs.

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