Ford Problems
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Common Ford Problems

The Ford company sold over 1.8 million vehicles in 2022, proving that they’re still one of the most trusted brands in America. But that doesn’t mean the vehicles are perfect. Ford owners have reported numerous issues with their cars, from faulty transmissions to ignition problems.

If you’ve experienced Ford problems shortly after buying your vehicle, the New York lemon law will protect you from losing money. How do you tell the difference between a problem that is common for your kind of car and one caused by something different?

Read on for Ford vehicle issues that may qualify you for lemon law protection.

Power Steering Problems

A leak in your power steering system is common for all vehicles, but Ford owners have reported this issue more than any other. The leak can cause a check engine light to turn on. It will also cause your car to shudder when turning.

Leaks can happen when the high pressure of the system damages a hose. The low fluid level will cause a whining sound from your power steering pump. If you hear noises coming from underneath your hood and notice that there’s fluid on the ground under your car, this may be your problem.

A brand-new vehicle shouldn’t have any problems with the power steering. If your car is under warranty, the dealership must fix your vehicle within 30 days. Otherwise, they may have to give you a refund.

Transmission Issues

If you have a leak in your transmission, it can cause fluid to drip onto the hot parts of the engine. This leads to an unpleasant burning smell.

If you find that you have trouble shifting gears, this could also mean there’s something wrong with your transmission system. You might hear grinding noises or see smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle while driving.

If faulty wiring connections caused the issues, someone sold you a lemon car. Once a mechanic confirms that it’s a wiring issue, find a lemon lawyer here to help with your case.

Failed Spark Plugs

If your car is having trouble starting, it might be because of a failed spark plug. If spark plugs are the issue, your car will also have trouble accelerating and may emit an unpleasant engine noise when you start it.

When one of your spark plugs fails, it can cause misfires in other cylinders. This means only a few of your pistons are receiving enough power from their corresponding spark plugs at the same time. This will result in fuel consumption problems.

Get Compensated for Your Ford Problems

The above list of common Ford problems isn’t comprehensive, but it covers a few of the major issues that can come up with your vehicle. The good news is that all these problems are fairly easy to fix. With regular maintenance, your dealership’s mechanics can help keep major problems from developing.

But before you head to the dealership, read a few of our DIY auto repair articles to see if you can fix your problem at home.