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Ford Ranger vs Ford Maverick: What Are the Differences?

If you’re in the market for a vehicle right now, you may have come across the Ford Ranger and Ford Maverick. Both look slightly different than your average car or truck but also may appeal to your sense of rugged style.

Before you make a final decision on which truck you’re going to choose, you need to be sure that you know the difference between a Ford Ranger vs Ford Maverick. And, more importantly, which Ford truck is right for you?

Let’s take a look at the differences between a Ford Ranger vs Maverick.

Power & Handling

When comparing the Ford Ranger and Ford Maverick in terms of power and handling, the main difference lies in the engine size. The Ranger features a 2.3L EcoBoost engine, while the Maverick relies on a smaller 2.0L EcoBoost engine.

Additionally, the Ranger also boasts higher fuel economy that averages around 32 mpg for highway driving, compared to the Maverick’s 28 mpg.

As for power and handling, the Ranger has a 3.2L EcoBoost V6 engine, which provides significantly more horsepower than the 2.0L EcoBoost engine of the Maverick, making the Ranger the better choice for those looking for more powerful performance. 

Interior and Exterior Design 

The interior and exterior designs of the Ford Ranger and the Ford Maverick are quite different. The Ford Ranger has a strong and durable exterior design with a traditional boxy shape and a chrome grille. On the other hand, the Ford Maverick has a more modern and sleek exterior with a new trapezoidal grille and soft curve lines.

The interior of the Ranger is practical and functional, with an intuitive dash layout and plenty of storage space. The Maverick has an interior that focuses more on comfort with a vertical display screen and soft-touch materials.


The Ford Ranger and Ford Maverick are two popular midsize pickups, but when it comes to safety, there are a few differences. The Ranger offers more advanced driver assistance and safety technology. It includes both standard and optional automatic emergency braking and a blind spot monitoring system.

The Ford Maverick features, on the other hand, come with a few less active safety features, such as standard lane-departure warnings and optional adaptive cruise control. Both vehicles have a high safety rating and feature airbags, strong seatbelts, daytime running lamps, and traction control. 


When comparing the Ford Ranger and the Ford Maverick, one of the differences that stand out the most is cost. The starting Ford Ranger price is around $20,600 and can move up to $39,945. Whereas the Ford Maverick is currently priced starting at $19,995 and can move up to $38,000.

Although the difference in cost may seem small, it does have an impact on the overall budget. The cost of these upgrade packages also varies, depending on the features included.

As a result, the Ford Ranger tends to be the more affordable option when it comes to cost. Read here for more Ford Maverick guides, to help you decide.

Choosing Between Ford Ranger Vs Ford Maverick

In conclusion, the Ford Ranger and the Ford Maverick both offer excellent performance, fuel efficiency, and a vast array of features. The main differences between Ford Ranger vs Ford Maverick vehicles are price, size, drivetrain, and bed length. If you are looking for a smaller, more affordable, and more efficient option, the Ford Ranger is a great choice.

If you have a bigger budget and need more towing power, the Ford Maverick could be a great option. Consider your needs to decide which vehicle is best for you.

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