Maintain a New-Car Look
Automobile Maintenance

How to Maintain a New-Car Look For Your Vehicle

Is there anything more exciting than getting a new car? From the way it drives to that “new-car smell,” you’ll fall in love with the fresh-off-the-lot look. Over time, however, you may find that your car just doesn’t look the same. 

Instead of letting your car go, regular cleaning can help keep your car fresh. The exterior of your vehicle is as important as what’s under the hood. The appearance of your ride can influence the aesthetic and resale value. 

If you’re not sure how to preserve the new-car look for miles and miles, be sure to keep reading for some of the best car cleaning tips.

Wash the Right Way

Many assume they can grab a hose and dish soap to wash their vehicle for a DIY car wash. However, using the wrong soap can strip the paint from your car, leaving it vulnerable to scratches.

Finding a car-safe soap and soft towel can ensure that your car gets cleaned safely. Be sure to wash from the top down, as this will prevent streaks and extra work!

Though you may want to save a few bucks, washing the wrong way can scratch your car’s paint, leading to further damage. Instead, the pros at Clean Ride Auto Spa know the best supplies to use to keep your car perfect.

Don’t Forget the Detailing

Once your exterior is shining, you’ll want to get the interior good-as-new! Detailing your car’s interior can improve the appearance, remove grime, and get rid of pesky smells. 

You’ll want to start car detailing by removing all of the large debris like wrappers and garbage from your car. Next, you can vacuum the carpeting and upholstery to remove crumbs, dust, and dirt. 

Once you clean the fabric, you can move on to the plastic materials, like the dashboard and center console. Using a soft detailing brush can help break up the dirt without damaging those surfaces. 

Don’t forget to invest in trunk organizers! They can keep your belongings, like emergency roadside items, easily accessible.

Wax for the Weather

If you live somewhere that experiences extreme weather, you may notice that your car gets dirtier, faster. Acidic rain and salted roads can leave your vehicle looking less than stellar.

Not only can the elements make your car look bad, but they can damage your vehicle!

Luckily, waxing your car can help protect your paint from mother nature. You’ll want to wax every three months if you live somewhere with rough weather.

Investing in a quality wax can also help your car retain that “fresh-off-the-lot” shine! 

Keep the New-Car Look Fresh off the Lot

Your car is an investment. Just as you’d keep your house clean, you’ll want to keep your car clean!

Whether you’re driving to a job interview or dropping your child off for their first school dance, your car can make a great first impression! Restoring it to the new-car look ensures you’ll ride in style.

If you found this guide to exterior auto maintenance informative, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you can find more great auto tips and tricks to keep your car in great condition.