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5 Ideas to Help you Market Your Auto Repair Shop

The great thing about auto repair shops is their market: when the economy is doing well, business does well. When the economy slows down and people are holding off from fixing their cars, it gets hard.

You can counteract those slower times with good marketing techniques. It’s simple to find new ways to get customers in the door. The following list provides five simple ideas to help you market your auto repair shop.

1. Flyers

Create business flyers with a simple – not cluttered- design. The average size is an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper so only include a few of your main services. Be more detailed about those specified services.

Avoid having too many different colors or fonts – you don’t want to confuse people. One to two fonts is ideal. Use full color if possible, it looks more professional than black and white copies. If that isn’t in your budget then use bright colored paper for black copies. Bright yellows and pinks often stand out the most.

Include coupons or discounts to impress potential customers. Also, have a photo of the products you have coupons for. This will increase the number of people redeeming them.

Do not forget to have your contact information bolded and in large fonts. You don’t want customers having a hard time finding you on your business flyers.

2. Advertising

There are different ways to handle advertisement and some traditional ways work best.

Radio ads come at a higher cost but with a larger reach. The right radio station can promote your shop very well. Most listeners will already be in a car when they hear your ad. Aim for repetition so that it can be most impactful.

Local newspaper ads are also an effective way to advertise.

Place an ad in a relevant section such as automotive or other car ads. But to create the best brand awareness, you will need to remain consistent with these ads. The more often people see your business, the more likely they are to reach out.

3. Social Media

Social media costs a lot less than traditional advertising and works the fastest.

If one person speaks about your company to 8-20 people, they might also reach an audience of hundreds. The range of other people’s networks can work to your brand’s advantage.

Facebook statuses or frequent tweets from your company’s accounts are effective. You will spread your name and maintain your company’s audience. This will also heighten your auto repair shop’s exposure and credibility.

4. Reviews and Referrals

People research reviews and positive reviews are critical for businesses. It’s a sure way to earn trust between your customers and your services. More reviews = more business.

Have customers write a quick review on Facebook or Yelp. Have endorsements and vouchers ready for those who do. If someone is willing to review they are likely to refer other customers.

Referral programs are great for business as well. Customers can earn a commission for each customer they refer to you. It’s a tried and true tradition.

5. Blogs

People like to feel like you’re helping them before they actually need anything from you. Have a blog on your company’s website that offers useful tips on things related to the business.

Customers enjoy friendly and insightful posts. Those will add credibility that is in the customer’s greatest interest. People will value your company’s helpfulness over pushiness.