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How to Choose the Best Car Accident Attorney Near Me

For a car accident that involves bodily injury, you can expect an average settlement of $15,785. For one that involves property damage, the average is $3,841. Of course, how much you receive often depends on the quality of the car accident attorney that you hire. 

Finding such an attorney requires more than searching ‘best car accident attorney near me’. Instead, search for the features of an attorney that make them the best. If you’re interested in learning about what these are, read on. 

Referrals, Reviews, and Recommendations

The best way for you to begin your search is to seek out referrals and reviews from previous customers. Ask your friends, family, and/or otherwise who they think is the best car accident attorney. 

If this technique doesn’t work, you can also search online. Ask your local social media group about who they’ve used and how it worked out for them. It’s also possible for you to find client reviews on various sites. 


The car accident lawyer that has the most firsthand case experience is most likely to be the best. For one thing, they won’t make the same mistakes as an amateur attorney will make. Also, businesses with a long operation period have consistently provided high-quality services.

Therefore, learn the experience level of each attorney. They’ll likely have it posted on their website. If not, you can ask them about it when you meet with them. 

Clear Communication

Good car accident lawyers should be able to provide you with a car accident settlement guide. That is, they should be able to answer all your questions and explain the settlement process to you. They should also ask you specific questions about your situation and goals. 

If a car accident attorney does this, you can assume many things about them. One is that they are highly knowledgeable in their field. The second is that they care about your case and will put a considerable amount of effort into it. 

The third is that they can communicate with you clearly. This will help you stay secure and informed rather than lost and anxious during your case. 


As you visit with each attorney, consider how each presents himself or herself. The ones that care the most about their service will dress neatly and act politely. Their office should also look organized and neat. 

If these features aren’t present, they’re telling you two things. The first is that he or she is not passionate about their work. This can translate to less success as they fight for you. 

The second is that they don’t care about your opinion of them. This shows that he or she does not prioritize providing the best quality service for his or her clients. 

Learn More Than Just Finding the ‘Best Car Accident Attorney Near Me’

Overall, choosing a car accident attorney is a very important process. Therefore, treat it with the seriousness and care it deserves. Be diligent and don’t be afraid to take it slow. 

In this way, you’re more likely to win a lot more in your settlement.

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