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5 Common Issues With Truck Trailers (And Their Solutions)

If you’ve never dealt with a truck trailer before, there are many things to consider to stay safe and prevent problems from occurring. After all, trailers are allowed to have a vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds including the load they carry (gross vehicle weight). With this sort of weight huge amount of stress is put on the tires and suspension of a truck trailer. 

Even if you have a much smaller load, there are inevitable issues that you should be aware of that can occur. Being able to identify issues with your trailer will then help you call up the right truck repair service for your needs.

So let’s now check out five common issues you may come across with truck trailers, along with some solutions.

Problems With the Brake System

Since a semi-truck trailer has its own brake system installed, more complications can occur than without. Prevention of issues with your trailer’s brake system should be a priority.

Check for any pressure leaks on a regular basis. Remember, if you are carrying a heavy load, your brakes need to perform at their best to alleviate any safety worries. If your brakes are failing just a little, it still may be worth calling out a mobile truck repair service to deal with the problem.

Structural Damage

Your frame can attain interior and exterior structural damage over time. You must check the frame for any damage and ensure you get a good trailer maintenance team to deal with any structural integrity issues.

If your trailer is weakened structurally, it could only be a matter of time before it fails. The result of this failure could be colossal damage to the road and other motorists!

Electrical and Lighting Issues

There are various electrical and lighting system setups for semi-truck trailers. Trailer wiring will connect to the tractor unit in different ways depending on the trailer’s function.

Whatever the case, you need to check your wiring and lights often to ensure they function the right way. If you have any issues, call out a repair team for a quick fix.

Suspension Failure

With heavy loads, trailer suspension can fail. This happens more often than not over time as you wear the suspension down. 

Again, make a habit of checking your suspension. Also, seek professional help if you feel your suspension has bottomed out. 

Tire Issues

You need to make sure your trailer’s tires have adequate air pressure to deal with the loads you intend to carry. If not, you might not support the load properly, and driving with the trailer could be unpredictable.

Also, check for splits and cracks in your tires. If you notice anything odd, get them serviced right away. 

Look After Your Truck Trailer

The best course of action with your truck trailer is to try and prevent problems from occurring. Once you do get any problems, you’ll have to call out a mobile truck repair team to fix them, which can be a logistical challenge!

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