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A Complete Guide to Crane Maintenance

Did you know the crane market is worth $15.72 billion?

If you’ve recently bought a crane, you might want some advice on how you can maintain it. After all, a crane is a hugely expensive purchase, and you likely don’t want it to fall apart any time soon.

Keep reading, and you’ll discover some of the things you need to know when it comes to crane maintenance. If you follow these tips, your crane will likely last a lot longer than most of the other machinery you own.

Let’s begin!

Lubrication Is Essential

If you want to reduce wear and tear, you need to make sure certain parts of your crane are always well lubricated.

If you ignore this, parts of the crane might wear out faster than they’re supposed to. People might then use the crane while it has these worn-out parts, which will lead to even more damage.

If you read the manual for your crane, it’ll tell you about the different places you need to monitor when it comes to lubrication. It’ll also tell you about the specific kinds of lubricants you need to use for your crane.

You need to make sure you follow these crane care recommendations, otherwise, the crane might degrade faster than it should.

Monitor the Wheels

In most cases, cranes don’t operate on clean smooth surfaces, and so their wheels tend to degrade pretty quickly. This is true even if you invest in high-end wheels designed for construction sites.

If you don’t monitor the wheels, they might rupture, and the crane could then become unstable. This could then lead to other parts of the crane being damaged.

Following this, you need to check the wheels to make sure they don’t have any major signs of wear and tear. You also need to make sure they have the ‘right’ air pressure.

Again, if you read the manual for your crane, it’ll tell you what the right air pressure is. It’ll also tell you how to check your wheels to see if they’re okay.

In some cases, the manual will even give you a timeline, in regards to how often you should change wheels.

Work With Professionals

If something goes wrong with your crane, you might be tempted to perform crane repairs yourself. However, no matter how good your mechanic skills are, you should outsource this work to people that offer crane repair services.

After all, your crane is a large and dangerous machine. If you make a mistake when repairing it, you might be putting a lot of people at risk. At the very least, you might accidentally make the problem worse, and this could then mean it’s going to cost even more to repair your crane.

Will You Master Crane Maintenance?

Crane maintenance is something you should master if you want your crane to last a long time.

Ideally, you should schedule a regular preventative maintenance routine for your crane. This will help you stay on top of all the little reoccurring tasks you need to do, in regards to maintaining your crane.

Also, if you have a regular upkeep routine, it’ll be easier for you to spot small issues that might otherwise develop into big nasty problems.

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