Window Tint Percentage for Your Vehicle
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How to Choose the Best Window Tint Percentage for Your Vehicle

Tinted windows are among the most popular car customizations. They can add a sleek aesthetic and can even be a practical modification, helping lower your risk of skin cancer.

When you look into tinting your car’s windows, you’ll need to know exactly how dark you want your windows to be. This is measured in tint percentage.

Every window tint has a tint percentage rating. It ranges from 5% to 90%. This is a measure of how much light is allowed to pass through the window.

Read on to learn what to consider when deciding on a tint percentage.

The Law and Tint Percentage

Many states have laws governing tint percentage. This is important for vehicle safety, as driving a car with blacked-out windows is obviously very dangerous.

You’ll have to check with your local authorities to determine the legality of the tint you want.  If your car has illegally tinted windows, you may be pulled over and issued a citation. You’ll have to remove the tint and apply one that falls within the legal range.

Tint restrictions also apply to individual windows on your car. In some places, like New Jersey, you aren’t allowed to tint your front windows but are free to do as you please with your back windows.

If you need help determining a legal tint, search for “auto tinted windows near me” and consult with a professional detailer.

The Look of Your Car

Tinting your windows will definitely change the way your car looks, so you’ll have to consider that when choosing a tint percentage.

Many opt to complement their car’s color scheme with their window tints. For instance, some may find that a white car with very dark windows looks stylish and intimidating.

For this kind of look, you’ll want to go as dark as your state allows. In many places, this is around 35%.


Those looking for practicality from their window tints are concerned about glare and UV protection.

Even the lightest and most translucent tints offer glare reduction. You could opt for lighter than 70% and still notice increased ease of visibility in very bright conditions.

You’ll have to go a little darker to get UV protection. You’ll need at least 70% tint for this, which is the maximum tint percentage for front windows in some of the stricter states.


While you likely won’t be able to get much privacy by tinting your front windows to the legal limit, significantly tinted rear windows offer a great deal of privacy.

It’s very difficult to see through windows with a tint percentage of 15% or less. Opt for this level of tint if privacy is a concern of yours.

These tints can help reduce car-related theft, as a thief won’t be able to see any valuable items you may leave in your car.

Many Reasons for Window Tint

Car window tints can be both stylish and practical. Depending on your personal taste, you can have both with the same tint percentage. Just be sure to stay within the legal limit.

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