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5 Benefits and Applications of Fiber Optic Lights

There are many options for lighting on the market, and none is more ubiquitous than the incandescent bulb. However, they can be expensive, high-maintenance, and even dangerous in certain scenarios.

Fiber optic lights may be a better alternative. These unique and useful technological marvels are found in many applications, from homes to businesses to the bottom of the ocean.

If you want to more about fiber optic lights, we’ve written a guide to their benefits and applications. Read on to learn more!

What Are Fiber Optic Lights?

Fiber optic lights are a unique and technologically-advanced lighting option. Rather than using a traditional bulb like an incandescent or LED light, fiber optic lights use tiny plastic filaments in a cable.

This cable “transmits” light from a specially-designed bulb. This allows fiber optic light to run over long distances.

These lights are very easy to install and maintain, even for a layman. Fiber optic light kits are available for many uses including home, automotive, and creative applications.

Benefits And Applications of Fiber Optic Lights

Because of their unique cable design, fiber optic lights can go places that other bulb-based light forms cannot. They are an ideal solution for many specialized applications.

1. Museums and Curations

Fiber optic lights do not radiate heat or ultraviolet light. This makes them an excellent lighting choice for museum installations, vintage car garages, and other light or heat-sensitive displays.

Many museum pieces are extremely sensitive to UV light and will degrade if exposed to it. Fiber optic lamps are commonly used in such displays to preserve historical items.

2. Underwater Lighting

Because of their design, fiber optic cables can run long distances from the source bulb. The bulb stays in a safe location while the filaments transmit the light itself.

Fiber optic lights are an excellent choice for swimming pool lighting installations. They are also found in places such as public fountains and other water displays.

Another common application is underwater research. Long fiber optic cables thrive in depths that would cause traditional lightbulbs to break.

3. Elemental Resistance

Fiber optic lights are impervious to water. They are a great fit for steamy areas such as home bathrooms and saunas. They also make an excellent overhead light for greenhouses.

These lights also last a very long time. The fiber filaments will last indefinitely if maintained well, and the source light bulbs are very inexpensive and easy to replace.

4. Artistic Displays

Because they are flexible, fiber optic lights are becoming increasingly common in art installations and sculptural works.

Fiber optic lights are aesthetically changeable, with the ability to change colors, do chasing patterns, and more. In fact, some artists work exclusively with fiber optics!

5. Business and Industrial Uses

Fiber optic lights are becoming more common in retail businesses and industrial operations. They are flexible, inexpensive, and easy to maintain.

As energy costs rise and people become more aware of environmental issues related to electricity consumption, fiber optics are poised to be the next big thing in commercial lighting.

If you want to start using fiber optic lights around your home, office, or studio, you should buy fiber optic lights today!

Looking For Fiber Optic Lights?

Fiber optic lighting is the wave of the future. From outdoor installations to artistic endeavors and beyond, fiber optic lights are the perfect solution for many lighting woes. Get a jump start on installing them and enjoy years of hassle-free lighting.

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