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Is My Car Junk? 5 Signs That Point to Yes

Some cars are made for collecting, no matter how old they are. Others eventually run their course, and they end up being junk that can be sold for scrap.

It’s estimated that approximately 14 million tons of steel come from junk vehicles every year. 

If you’re wondering whether or not you have a junk vehicle on your hands, read on for a list of five signs that it’s time to send your car to the scrap pile.

1. Frequent Break Downs

If you have an old vehicle that’s constantly breaking down, you could have a junk vehicle on your hands. Cars that constantly need expensive repairs are probably ready to be retired. If you find that you’re spending more money fixing your car than it would cost you to buy a new vehicle, it might be time to move on.

2. Extreme Damage Equals Junk Vehicle

A serious accident can damage your vehicle beyond repair. If your insurance company totals your car, then it’s officially now a scrap vehicle. Make sure you’re able to sell your vehicle for scrap if possible rather than letting the insurance company take it whenever possible.

3. It’s Not Safe to Drive

If your vehicle isn’t safe anymore, then it’s definitely time to move on. Bad brakes and other issues can make your car unsafe to drive when you’re on the road. Get a safety inspection done if you want to confirm, but in most cases, you should never drive a car if it’s no longer safe to do so.

4. Rust and Other Issues

An old, rusty car isn’t just ugly to look at; it can also become a hunk of junk pretty quickly. Older vehicles with rust or damaged metal should probably make a trip to the scrap pile. Unless you have the time and resources to redo the body, you should probably sell your vehicle for scrap and buy something new.

5. It Lost Resale Value

Most cars tend to lose value over time unless you own a luxury car or a limited edition, highly sought-after vehicle. If you can’t get a decent return on your vehicle, then you might want to let it go. You can also look for places that offer cash for cars near me to see if you can at least recover some of the cost of your vehicle, which is better than nothing at all.

Say Goodbye to Your Scrap Vehicle

Keep these five signs in mind if you think that you might have a junk vehicle on your hands. Whether it’s costing too much to repair or your vehicle is just old and rusty, selling it for scrap can at least help you recover a bit of the cost you paid in the beginning.

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