Solar Panel Shopping Mistakes
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6 Solar Panel Shopping Mistakes to Avoid for Your Vehicle Fleet

Are you planning to invest in solar panels for your vehicle fleet?

Demand for solar panels in the trucking industry continues to grow. Transport companies consider savings, efficiency, and eco-friendliness as some key advantages solar panels offer.

To maximize these benefits, choosing the right solar panels is essential. Continue reading below for six solar panel shopping mistakes to avoid.

1. Poor Research And Due Diligence

One of the biggest solar panel shopping mistakes is failing to do research and due diligence. Some solar panel systems are superior. The quality of the cells also differs, depending on the manufacturer.

Research at least three different solar panel companies and compare their products. Consider their types of panels and pick the one best suited for your fleet’s requirements.

2. Failing To Ask Questions

Don’t limit your research by failing to ask the right questions. When talking to a solar panel provider, ask how they build their solar panels.

How long does their company manufacture solar panels? What other sectors and industries do they service? Do they have a sterling reputation with the fleet and trucking industries?

3. Losing Focus On The Technical Aspects

Another crucial mistake is failing to look deep into the technical aspects of the solar panel designs. Evaluate the panels’ features, starting with their efficiency level and degradation percentage.

Check the panels’ connections to ensure they can survive road vibration. The panels should also withstand dirt, water, and other environmental exposures.

You may need to invest in solar APU for trucks to boost fuel efficiency and experience less downtime. 

4. Not Paying Attention to Warranty Details

Focus on understanding the details of the warranties. Though solar panels are durable, some of their parts may break down from time to time. Check the solar warranties and their coverage.

Find out how many years specific parts will be under warranty. If the solar panels break, call the manufacturer for assistance.

5. Relying on the Price Tag

Never use the price tag as the main factor in your decision. With the benefits of vehicle solar panels, they don’t come cheap. Set a solar panel budget and use it as your baseline.

Never go automatically for the cheapest. Consider all the other factors and pick the best one without veering far from your budget. Factor in the hidden costs of solar panels as well.

6. Neglecting After-Sales Support

Lastly, installing solar panels is only the beginning of your solar panel journey. Problems may appear in the future, which require top-notch customer service.

Don’t neglect after-sales support when choosing a solar panel provider. Find one that comes with ongoing customer support that’ll last until your system conks out.

Avoid Solar Panel Shopping Mistakes Now

Avoiding these solar panel shopping mistakes allows you to find the right panels for your fleet. You can get the best value for your money without compromising quality and performance.

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