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Vehicle Cameras and Five More Ways to Keep Your Car Safe and Secure

In a recent year, over 700,000 cars became part of the FBI’s theft statistics. While that number has been trending downwards, it’s only thanks to citizens taking car safety into their own hands. Technology and better security methods have made car safety simple!

How can you prevent yourself from being a victim of car theft? Follow this car security guide to keep your car safe through vehicle cameras and beyond!

1. Vehicle Cameras

This is more than a dashcam, this is like a spy camera for car! There are plenty of full HD options, and many come equipped with night vision and motion detection as well! They are connected to wifi, and you can tune in on your phone at any time to make sure your car is safe.

Want to know how to add car spy cameras? You can install wireless cameras anywhere inside or outside your car for a full 360 view!

2. Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock is a perfect sign to thieves that you take car security seriously. But it’s more than a warning: it will stop thieves in their tracks!

Car thieves have to work quickly. Anything that will slow them down will take your car off their list of targets.

3. Smart Parking

You can prevent theft without fancy devices simply by parking better. Always stick close to streetlights, be aware of your surroundings, and keep your doors locked.

When you leave your car, make sure the windows and even the sunroof are closed as well.

4. Car Alarm

Keep your car secure by going beyond the usual car alarm. You can find some that are louder and more sensitive than the one your car already has. Thieves can cut the wires to your car’s alarm, but they can’t stop an external device!

Some car alarms can automatically notify you and the police! Plus, they won’t stop alarming until you press the off button.

5. Tire Clamp

This is another obstacle that will make thieves think your car is too much trouble. It’s easy to install and unlock – but only if you have the key! Forcing the clamp off will take precious minutes that thieves won’t want to waste.

Most are painted in bright, visible colors. They act as an intimidating deterrent!

6. GPS Tracker

If all you’ve done isn’t enough, and the unthinkable happens – you still have a trick up your sleeve! Installing a GPS tracker can help police recover your stolen vehicle.

These devices are often small and wireless. Also, they can protect you against more than theft. If you end up in an accident, a tracker can help rescue services find you much faster.

Keep Your Car Safe

A stolen car is much more than a nuisance – it could derail your life completely. Using vehicle cameras and other proven methods to prevent theft saves you time and money, and offers you priceless peace of mind! Start better protecting your car today!

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