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How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Car Serviced?

Are you worried that your car needs a major repair? Do you feel like it isn’t running as well as it should? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about getting your car serviced.

Everyone has questions about this topic, such as, “How much does it cost to get your car serviced?” and, “What should I be looking for in a high-quality car shop?” It’s perfectly natural to wonder.

See below for an in-depth guide that answers all of these questions. By looking into a few details, you’ll have the utmost confidence in the service that you choose.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Car Serviced?

When it comes to getting your car serviced, everyone wonders the same thing: How much is this going to cost me?

It’s a valid question! You want to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly, but finances are always a top priority.

That said, we encourage you to start looking at the return on your investment, not just the upfront cost. Many car owners make the mistake of shopping around for the cheapest service, then are surprised when their car has issues shortly after they took it in.

If you’re looking for the cheapest service, that’s exactly what you’ll get—a cheap service. It’s better to look into a high-quality service at a cost-efficient price.

As far as what price you can expect, see below for a price range of some of the most common car services:

  • Oil Change: $40 to $100
  • Tire Rotation: $40 to $60
  • Brake Pad Replacements: $150 to $325
  • New Wiper Blades: $10 to $15
  • Tire Replacements: $600 to $1,200 (for 4 new tires)

First, take it in and see what the technicians say. If they list off a couple of these items, then use our list to see what a reasonable going rate would be for those services. If money is tight, your technician can let you know which ones you can afford to hold off on for a bit longer (if any).

What is a Major Tune-Up?

The prices that we listed above probably didn’t scare you. They’re to be expected. However, there is one thing that no car owner wants to hear a car service tell them: “You need a major tune up.”

In all honesty, it sounds worse than it actually is. You might not think it, but your car is a complex combination of machinery and—many people don’t realize this next one—computers.

The computer in your vehicle is used to communicate with the car’s sensors, microchips, and processors to troubleshoot. This makes it easier for technicians to run diagnostics and get to the root of the problem.

When asking for a tune-up, you’re asking for your technician to inspect your engine and all of the parts that help the car run. When a car service performs a thorough tune-up, they’re going to clean or replace the following:

  • Fuel pumps
  • Fuel injectors
  • PCV valves
  • Condensers
  • Spark plugs

Make sure that you find a certified technician to run this test. You don’t want an inexperienced worker performing tests on the performance of your vehicle.

What to Look for in a Car Service

So how do you know when you’ve found the right car service for your needs? See below for some of the best qualities and features to look for.

Glowing Reviews

Let the car service’s previous clientele speak for them. You can use online reviews to quickly determine which car shops are worth your time—as well as which ones are not.

Do the customers seem satisfied with the service that they received? How quick was the turnaround time on the car service? Do they recommend the service to others?

It’s important to find someone that treats their clients with respect. As long as a technician gets to the root of the problem the first time, they’re worth every penny!

Strong Communication

You’re not the expert, they are. They should be the ones to tell you what’s going on with your car (if anything) and how they intend to fix it.

A reputable car service will take the time to ensure you understand it all. They’ll run diagnostics, then put the results in terms that you can understand. No industry jargon; no fast-talking.

The best services are also diligent about keeping you informed. How long will it take to run the tests? Will they call you as soon as they have an answer? Are they upfront about giving you a thorough quote?

Experience and Resources

Experience matters in this industry. You want to make sure the best, brightest, and most experienced technicians are the only ones going under the hood of your car.

Certifications are important because they ensure that the technicians of that car service have all been properly trained. You might also look into the type of equipment that the shop uses to service vehicles.

The car industry is ever-growing, so it’s important to find a technician with a deep passion for vehicles as well. That way, you can guarantee they keep up with their training and expect the same of their staff.

Invest in High-Quality Car Servicing Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth answer to your question of “How much does it cost to get your car serviced?” be sure to use this information wisely.

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