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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying an RV

Are you purchasing an RV soon?

Over a million Americans consider a recreational vehicle their home. However, even if you aren’t planning to live a nomadic life, an RV is still a costly investment. 

However, if it’s your first time buying an RV, you might have no idea how to maximize its value. Read on as we list some questions to ask before you buy:

1. Can I Move this RV?

It’s one of the most obvious questions, but it’s the most neglected. When buying an RV, you might visit a large dealership. It’s easy to become distracted with all the available options.

Consider limiting your choices to RVs you can tow with your current vehicle and ones you can drive. Only expand your options if you’re planning to buy a new tow vehicle too.

2. How Many Passengers Can Sleep Comfortably?

The average American family has around three people. Never trust what the seller tells you about the number of people an RV can accommodate. Ask further questions to determine the correct figures.

If you’re traveling with friends, never assume they can handle small, cramped spaces. Your road trip will be more enjoyable if you have a comfortable sleeping arrangement. Otherwise, you’ll feel irritable and ruin the mood.

3. How Much Does the RV Cost?

You might already know some dealership practices if you bought a car before. The price tag often denotes the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. In most cases, dealerships change these prices depending on several factors.

Like other products, supply and demand can affect the price of an RV. If the vehicle has desirable features but limited supply, expect it to have a higher cost.

4. What’s in the Warranty and Maintenance Package?

Both new and used RV options should include warranties. Always ascertain what it covers and its duration. After that, decide whether you want to add extended warranty coverage after its expiration.

Repairs and other maintenance tasks are a constant throughout your RV’s lifespan. If you want to save more in the future, consider extended warranty features.

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5. What are the Dealer and Manufacturer’s Service Levels?

If you’re buying a new RV, ask what services the dealer and manufacturer can guarantee. Question the latter about the average duration for RV repairs. After all, you might end up leaving your rig for a few weeks.

Sometimes, your dealership’s schedule will never match your road trips. If they can’t fix your RV on time, consider another provider.

Get the Best Recreational Vehicle Now

These are some questions to determine whether your desired recreational vehicle is worth your time. It applies even when you aren’t planning to use the RV as a home.

However, knowing what to ask your dealership is only the beginning. Look for the best RV dealers by searching online reviews and recommendations.

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