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Car Key Programming: What You Need to Know

Did you know the first locks and keys date back around 6,000 years ago to the lands of ancient Egypt and Babylon?

Those keys were made of wood and were quite bulky. Fast forward to today and you can get car keys that have computer chips in them. It’s important to familiarize yourself with their functions so that you can make sure the technology works for you rather than against you.

Are you wondering how it works? Keep reading to learn all about car key programming.

Turn On the Car With the Original Key

If you’re wondering how to program a key fob, you must first get in the car and put the key┬áin the ignition. Turn the key like you would an old-fashioned one but don’t turn it so far that the engine starts up.

What you want to do is start the electronics on the dashboard. Make sure you have your new key fob at the ready.

Switch the Original Key With the New One

For successful key programming, you’ll have no more than 5 seconds to turn your car’s electrical system off, remove the first key, and replace it with the one you’re trying to program. This is when you should repeat the same steps as the original key and turn the electrical system on but not the engine.

You’ll be glad to know that you can program a third key at the same time. You’ll have about a 10-second window once you remove the second key. Be sure to repeat all the same steps as the first two keys.

Pay Attention to the Security Light

As you program a car key, the security light on your dashboard should activate. If it doesn’t stay lighted for about a few seconds, then something may have gone wrong.

It might be necessary to press one or more buttons on the new key fob before trying to program it. For specific instructions on how to prime and program your key fob, you should look up your exact model online or consult the instruction manual that relates to your vehicle.

Troubleshoot Problems

There are other troubleshooting problems you should look out for, such as a dead battery within the key fob. Sometimes the simplest things can be overlooked and cause the most annoying problems.

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Ready to Excel at Car Key Programming?

Now that you’ve learned all about car key programming, you can make sure you always have access to your vehicle. You can even program multiple keys so that you’ll have spares and can give some to family members and trusted friends.

There’s always more you can learn when it comes to the automotive industry. For the latest tips and tricks relating to cars and other fascinating subjects, be sure to search our site. We publish high-quality content on a regular basis so that you’ll never miss out on what’s important.