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5 Essential Auto Winterizing Tips Every Van Lifer Should Know

If you’re living the van life, you know how wonderful it is to have the mobility to travel anywhere. When the temperatures start to drop, however, your comfortable digs might need some winterizing. From better tires to winter van life essentials, you should plan on making some modifications before you’re stuck in the snow.

Keep reading to learn 5 essential auto winterizing tips that every van lifer should know!

1. Living the Van Life in Winter Means Getting Snow Tires

Gearing up for a winter version of the van life means trading up for snow tires. Make sure you’ve accounted for the cost in your budget.

While you’re at it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn how to attach snow chains to your tires. Particularly if you’re living the van life in a mountainous area, you’ll encounter winding roads that aren’t cleared well.

2. Stash a Winter Kit in Your Van

It’s smart to stash a winter van life essentials kit in your van. Designate a bin to hold hats and warm mittens that can withstand severely cold temperatures and an emergency blanket.

Also, include a shovel and some kitty litter in case your van gets stuck in the snow. And a flashlight and some emergency flares are good essentials.

Fall is the best time to create or update a winter kit for your van. Have a look at some great ways you can prepare your life van when the air gets crisp!

3. A Van Lifer Needs a Heater for Winter

For people living in houses, a furnace supplies a continuous dose of warmth to keep people cozy. But in a van, the heat stops when your engine does. You need a diesel heater to provide ongoing warmth.

You can run these constantly and they don’t require technical expertise to install. Just be sure to crack open a window to avoid condensation.

4. Insulate Your Windows

Looking out the windows of your van might be an enjoyable experience when the weather is mild. But when winter comes, those same drafty windows can become your worst enemy as a van lifer.

Your best strategy is to purchase covers for windows and vents to prevent heat loss. These will add a significant level of thermal insulation, and they’re easy to remove.

5. Be Careful Where You Park During Snowy Months

One of the crucial tips for van life during the winter months is to be aware of where you park. Don’t count on those quiet side streets or parking lots to be safe bets.

When the snow starts falling, road crews will be out treating the roads. If you’re in the way, you could get a fine or be stuck next to a drift. Scout out spaces where you won’t get in trouble!

Stock Up on Winter Van Life Essentials

When you’re a van lifer, you need to be prepared for all seasons. Make sure you have a checklist detailing everything you’ll need to stay warm, including heaters and insulation. And don’t forget to swap out your tires for ones with better tread.

Stay up to date on ways to keep your vehicle in good shape. Check back for new articles soon!