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Truck Talk: How Much Does a Vac Truck Cost?

With dangerous rainstorms sweeping the Northeast, vac trucks are an integral part of many disaster recovery plans. From floodwater maintenance to large-scale sludge clean up, vac trucks are incredibly useful. How much, then, does one cost?

The short answer? It varies!

We’ve organized this guide to go through the many factors impacting vac truck price. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, new or used, this guide has the info for you. Read on.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Vac Truck?

For users who only need temporary vac truck access, a rental is the way to go. Vac truck companies offer easy vacuum truck rentals for consumers in need. To find a rental in your area, simply Google “vac truck rental near me.”

Vac Truck Rental Cost Relies on Truck Size and Personnel 

The equipment you rent directly affects your hourly rate for a vac truck rental. If you hadn’t already guessed, bigger trucks cost more per hour than smaller trucks. Simple, right?

You’ll incur additional costs based on who’s needed to operate a vac truck rental. Some companies allow you to use the truck by yourself, while others require workers to accompany you on a gig. The more workers needed, the higher the hourly rate.

Rent a Truck That Suits Your Needs

For the most affordable vac truck rental possible, rent the truck most efficient for your job.

While larger trucks are more expensive per hour than smaller ones, they are also more cost-efficient for bigger jobs. Because they get the job done faster, the low amount of hours spent on a job will offset a high hourly rate.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Vac Truck?

Frequent vac truck users are best served to buy a truck themselves. Owners of a vac truck can use their truck at any time, free of rental or labor fees.

Like with vac truck rentals, an outright vac truck purchase depends on the size of the truck. Truck branding also comes into consideration, as some brands are pricier than others.

Used vs. New Vac Truck Purchases

The final wrinkle of a vac truck purchase is whether to buy new or used. Used vac trucks are cheaper than new vac trucks but may become pricier down the line.

Because vac trucks are heavy-duty equipment, used vac trucks have likely withstood years of wear and tear through their use. Like a used car, try to find a truck with low hours, low mileage, and healthy prior service life. If not, you’ll likely deal with pricy repairs in the future.

Bolster Your Truck Knowledge

From renters to buyers, vac truck consumers have a plethora of options and factors to consider when making their purchase. Consult the guide whenever you’re considering renting or buying to make sure your choice is sound.

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