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How To Prepare Your RV for Indoor RV Storage: A Guide

Not all RV owners live in their rig full-time. That poses the question of what to do with the RV when it’s not camping season.

The best way to store your RV when you’re not using it is by keeping it in an enclosed, climate-controlled space. However, before your coach goes into indoor RV storage, there are several action items you should put on your to-do list.

Reading this post will explain the process of preparing an RV for storage so that it’s ready to roll the next time you go camping.

Purchase an RV Cover

One of the smartest investments you can make when you own an RV is a cover. If you’ve never seen one, an RV cover is similar in concept to a classic car storage cover.

Not only will it keep your RV protected from dust accumulating on the outside, but it also helps prevent mold development on the inside.

Covers come in a variety of sizes. Make sure the one you buy is made from breathable material. The cover should fit your rig snuggly.

Clean Inside and Out

Before moving your coach or travel trailer into an indoor RV storage space, gather your cleaning supplies.

Inside and out, you’ll want to get the RV clean. That means washing and polishing the exterior and doing a deep clean on the inside.

Vacuum, sweep, and dust. Wash and dry the linens and curtains. If you decide to store them inside the RV after washing, make sure they’re completely dry, or you risk them developing mold.

Your final cleaning act should be to empty the cabinets and drawers. Leaving even a few crumbs behind could attract pests.

Take Care of Repairs

Another essential action item is inspecting the interior of the RV for tears, cracks, and holes. Don’t forget the awning!

Make repairs if your find any torn fabric. Some RVs have a vinyl ceiling, and if you notice even a tiny hole, it’s best to seal it.

Outside the RV, inspect your roof and sidewalls. Repair any cracks or areas where you discover leaks.

Shutdown Appliances

Most RV owners know to shut off the freezer/refrigerator and defrost. What many people don’t realize is that they also need to leave the doors propped open. Sprinkle a little baking soda inside, and you’ll prevent musty odors.

Unplug the microwave and any other electric appliances. Store small appliances like your coffee maker with the cords wrapped neatly.

Finally, turn off the main circuit breaker during storage.

Empty Your Tanks

Before taking your rig over to your covered RV storage area, empty your freshwater, gray, and black tanks. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned the inside of the tanks.

As long as you’re storing indoors and in a reasonably temperate location, you won’t need to add RV antifreeze to the plumbing pipes.

Is Your Rig Ready for Indoor RV Storage?

An RV is a significant investment. One way you can protect your investment is by taking advantage of indoor RV storage during your off-season. Following the steps in our guide will ensure the rig is ready for a rest.

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