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4 Telltale Signs Your Car Battery Is Dying

Chances are, you’ve been in a situation several times when your car battery was dying. A faulty car battery is one of the most common car problems that people face.

If your vehicle is giving you trouble, and it’s your battery, you should be able to spot the signs right away. So, how do you know whether your car problems are due to your battery? Well, take a look at the information below to learn the signs that your battery is dying.

1. A Flickering Dashboard

Your battery is crucial to helping the engine get started. It also supplies your car’s other electrical components, like the dashboard. As you know, the dashboard provides important information regarding your vehicle while you drive.

Therefore, if you notice dimming lights on the dashboard, it could be because your battery is going out. If you see this, get a new battery as soon as possible.

2. Windows Roll Down Slowly

When you put your keys into the ignition, you may not notice any car problems right away. However, even if everything seems fine, you’ll know there is an issue if your windows roll down slowly. 

If you notice that there’s a drastic change in the speed of your windows, that’s a telltale sign that your battery is dying. You can always take your car to an auto part shop, and they can test the life of your battery for you.

3. A Slow Engine

Perhaps one of the most noticeable signs of a dying battery is a slow engine. When you put the keys in the ignition, and the engine is slow to start up, you know there’s an issue. That’s an indicator that your battery is dying. 

If you notice car problems like this, it’s vital that you get car repair immediately. When your engine goes out, that’s a costly expense. You’ll want to avoid that at all costs.

4. Corrosion

When you look under the hood, it’s normal to see corrosion. However, a massive buildup over your battery is a negative sign. Corrosion could be the result of an old battery, leaking battery fluid, or leaking gases.

Whatever the case, it’s in your best interest to get the issue taken care of. In most cases, build up is a sign that the battery requires replacement—especially if it’s over 5 years old.

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Take Care of Your Car Problems ASAP

When it comes to car problems, a dying battery is just the norm. However, you should fix your car as soon as possible when you notice that your battery is going out. It plays a huge role for many areas of your vehicle. So, you want it in good condition!

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