Airport Shuttle vs Uber
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Airport Answers: Is an Airport Shuttle Better Than Uber?

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, the world is once again reopening for travel. No doubt you’re finding some great deals on flights and hotels for your upcoming trip.

One thing that might not be as clear is how you’re going to get to and from the airport. Should you sign up for an airport shuttle service? Or are you better off standing in the taxi queue or ordering an Uber?

We’ll weigh the pros and cons of each service, so keep reading and we’ll help you decide!

Options for Airport Shuttles

“Airport shuttle” covers a wide range of vehicles and services.

Super Shuttle is a major player, operating in over 80 locations in the US and Mexico. You can choose from a shared-ride shuttle, which you’ll share with other passengers, or you can book a private black car service.

Airport shuttles can also be limousines, SUVs, or luxury sedans, as you can see from these services offered by Premier International Transportation. Depending on your destination, the hotel or resort may also offer its own private airport shuttle service.

Of course, there’s also Uber, Lyft, and traditional taxi services to choose from as well. What will help you make your decision?

Airport Shuttle vs Uber: Factors to Consider

To help you make the best decision, consider the following:

  • How many people are you traveling with?
  • How much luggage or equipment do you have?
  • How much do you have to spend on airport transportation?
  • What’s the travel distance from the airport to your destination?
  • How much privacy and comfort do you want or need?
  • Is Uber allowed at the airport I’m flying into or out of?

If you’re traveling just a short distance as a family, you might save money by choosing a shared-ride airport shuttle. These also offer more space if you have a lot of luggage or oversized equipment, such as skis or golf clubs.

You also want to think about the level of privacy you desire or require. If you’re traveling with work colleagues and you’re preparing for an important meeting, you likely won’t want to discuss the details in a shuttle full of strangers.

If you’re arranging transportation for an important client, no doubt you’d rather “wow” them with a private sedan or limo than make them squeeze into a crowded shuttle.

Of course, there are plenty of occasions when a taxi or Uber makes more sense. If you’re traveling somewhere away from the beaten path and there’s no shuttle service available, this may be your only option. Or you may simply prefer to spend a little more money and have a private, comfortable ride for yourself or your traveling companions.

Super Shuttle or Uber: Which Will You Choose?

So, what do you think? Is an airport shuttle the best choice for your upcoming trip? Or will you stick with a private taxi or Uber ride?

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here. It all depends on your budget, the size of your traveling party, and how much privacy you desire.

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