5-Minute Motor Repair Guide
DIY Auto Repair

Tips in the Fast Lane: A 5-Minute Motor Repair Guide for Beginners

There are about 160,000 auto repair and maintenance establishments in the United States. While these places are useful for large jobs, you don’t need to take your vehicle in for every little motor repair task. Having a bit of knowledge of motor repair can help you save time and money by performing the work yourself.

These motor repair tips will help even beginners address some of the most common motor repair issues.

Start With a Code Reader

The first step in car motor repair is to determine what is wrong. Modern vehicles have computers that run their operation. You can use a code reader to decipher the output from the computer to determine what the issue is.

To use a code reader, you will plug it into your vehicle’s computer system.  Then turn the reader on and let it sync with your vehicle. Read the code output and look up what the code means.

Fix a Rough Idle

Before you start your car motor repair, understand the different motor types. This planetary gear motor requires a different approach than another type. If your motor has a rough idle, then address it by cleaning the EGR valve.

Soak it in throttle body cleaner. This clears away the junk and build-up. When done correctly, you will transform a harsh idle into a smooth purr.

Replace a Blown Fuse

Your vehicle uses fuses as a part of the electrical system. If you blow a fuse, an electrical component won’t work. Look for the fuse box under your hood and open it up.

Locate the fuse associated with the component that no longer works. Then replace it with the appreciate new fuse. Popping one out and a new one in is fast and affordable, making it a simple DIY motor repair.

Change Your Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are what trigger the combustion in the chamber where the fuel and air are mixed. Unfortunately, they only last for so long before their ability to produce a spark reduces to the point of negatively impacting your vehicle’s performance ability.

With the right tools, it is a simple task to remove your old spark plugs and replace them with new ones.

Put On a New Serpentine Belt

Your engine probably has several belts that you can see moving when you lift your hood with the engine running. Belts that are stretched out, stiff, cracked, to fraying can cause your motor to not run properly. Turn your motor off and let it cool.

Take off the old belt and then put on the new belt in the same position that the old one was in. Automatic belt tensioners make this job simple on modern vehicles.

Tackle Your Own Motor Repair

These simple motor repair tasks can address a variety of the most common problems car owners face. You don’t have to be an expert mechanic to perform basic repairs and maintenance tasks. However, if you don’t feel confident, it’s best to leave the work to the professionals.

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