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10 Reasons to Have an Ozone Car Treatment

Have you ever sat down in the driver’s seat of your car, taken a deep breath, and noticed something… off? There’s a strange smell. Maybe there was a spill that didn’t get cleaned up all the way, and now it’s starting to stink.

There’s a way to get that smell out–an ozone car treatment.

Ozone treatment for your car is the perfect way to get rid of all kinds of troublesome odors. Ozone car treatments can wipe out virtually any bad smell you can think of. And that’s not all they can do.

Read on to learn ten reasons you should set up an ozone car treatment right away.

1. Get Rid of Unpleasant Gases

Where do bad smells come from? The answer is complex; there are many factors behind why certain things smell the way they do, but at root, it usually comes down to molecular makeup.

That’s why interior ozone treatment is so effective at removing odors. The ozone finds the odor molecule and transfers an oxygen atom to it, changing the makeup of the bad-smelling molecule.

This process is called oxidation, and it allows ozone to deal with problems at the source.

2. Tackle Mold

Have you ever had to deal with mold in your home? It’s not a pleasant experience. Mold often causes respiratory issues, and some kinds of mold can make people seriously ill.

While it’s less common, mold can also crop up in your vehicle.

You might have a leak that causes excess moisture, or maybe a French fry fell out of the bag when you went through the drive-thru and has grown moldy under your seat.

Whatever the cause, ozone car treatments can fix the problem. Ozone is effective at killing mold and will even destroy airborne spores.

3. Clean Up After a Spill

It’s bound to happen sometimes: you take something out of your cupholder, and the lid’s not secure, or a passenger was unprepared for a bumpy road–either way, something has spilled all over your car.

Conventional car cleaning will only get you so far. There’s a good chance that no matter how well you scrub, you aren’t going to get all of that spill out of your carpets and seats. After a while, it might start to stink.

A car ozone generator can help eliminate these smells, letting you put the spill behind you for good.

4. Take Care of Hard-to-Reach Places

Car cleaning isn’t easy. It’s hard to get under your seats, not to mention the interior areas behind your air conditioning vents. Even a thorough cleaning might miss a few spots that you simply can’t reach on your own.

This is an area where ozone car treatment can help. Ozone is airborne; it will naturally spread throughout your vehicle, including places you can’t reach.

If you’ve tried other ways to eliminate the smell of your car, and they haven’t worked, try ozone. It’s much more thorough.

5. Remove Pet Smells

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they aren’t so friendly to your vehicle. On top of shedding all over your seats, dogs can leave behind bad smells–either from the dog itself or from something they tracked into the vehicle.

Cats and other pets are at risk for stinking up your car, too–especially if you have an accident on the way to the vet.

Ozone treatment for your car can eliminate those odors and keep your vehicle from smelling like a wet dog.

6. Remove Odors From Previous Owners

If you just bought a used car, it’s the perfect time to try a car ozone treatment. The previous owner may have had some bad habits that will result in a smelly experience with your new vehicle.

One of the most common odor problems is smoke. If your car’s previous owner was a heavy smoker, it could make your whole vehicle smell like a carton of cigarettes.

Interior ozone treatment will take care of that scent right away.

7. Get Back on Track After a Flood

Has your car ever been waterlogged? If so, you know what a frustrating process it can be to air the vehicle out and take care of the musty scent that lingers long after the water is gone.

Ozone car treatments can’t help dry your car out. That’s a job for a dehumidifier. They can, however, break down the mold and mildew that develops in the wake of a flood.

That means you can say goodbye to that musty odor.

8. Deodorize Your Upholstery

One of the most challenging parts of your car to clean is the upholstery. It’s easy for spills, stains, and smells to work their way into the upholstery’s weave and stay there a long time.

Once again, an ozone generator can help eliminate the smell of your car. As discussed above, ozone particles are great at getting into the spots you can’t reach yourself; that includes permeating your upholstery.

Ozone treatment can break down scents that have been trapped in your upholstery for a long time.

9. Deal With Bacteria

Ozone does more than oxidize bad scents away and wipe out mold. It can also help you get rid of bacteria inside your vehicle. It does this the same way it does everything else: oxidation.

Ozone doesn’t kill every kind of bacteria, but it’s effective against many types of germs. Ozone treatment is a great way to disinfect your car.

10. Fix Things Fast

You might be wondering how long an ozone treatment takes. The good news is that it doesn’t take long at all–in fact, you should only run a car ozone generator in short bursts, often only a few minutes.

The lengthiest part of the car cleaning process is waiting for the ozone to disperse after the treatment. Ozone can cause respiratory damage if inhaled, but it will break down into regular oxygen after a short time.

You should let your car sit in a well-ventilated area for at least half an hour after running the ozone generator in it. After that, you’re all set!

Get an Ozone Car Treatment Today

An ozone car treatment can help with all sorts of car problems, from upsetting odors to unwanted bacteria. Best of all, it’s a quick, simple, and affordable process.

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