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The Different Types of Car Transportation Services, Explained

There are thousands of models of cars, trucks, RVs, semi-trucks, trailers, and other vehicles that are traveling across the country at any time. In fact, 87 percent of miles traveled across the US is by automobile and light trucks. When companies need company vehicles transported or an individual is moving across the country, a car transportation company is needed to ship the car.

But which kinds of car transportation services are best for which circumstances? What is the best way to transport my car? Read on to find out the different types of car transportation services and how they do it.

Which Type of Transport Do I Need?

The exact method to transport your vehicle across a certain distance will depend if it is open or closed transportation. Open transportation is when the vehicle gets exposed to the weather on a flatbed or tow trailer.

Meanwhile, closed transportation involves your vehicle getting transported inside a closed trailer or container. This protects your vehicle from the weather but can make this method more expensive.

Types of Car Shipping Services

There are a lot of trailers and car hauls that claim to do the right job, but which is best for your vehicle? Here are some of the most common types of car shipping services you may come across.

Car Haul

This particular method, done by putting the vehicle on the elevated platform of a car carrier trailer, is one of the most common ways you can see a car get transported in the United States. These car haul trailers can carry up to 12 vehicles and have platforms that can move up and down for easy maneuvering. If there is space available, it can maximize the space a car can take up so you do not need multiple trailers.

If necessary, you can also ask for expedited car haul services.

Single Level Single Car Trailer

If you want a way to know that your luxury, sports, or classic/retro car are being transported safely across the country, it is best to use this type of car transportation. It can also work well if you have a larger-sized car that cannot fit on other methods of car transports.

Multi-Level Tractors

This tractor option is good for a standard move where a homeowner has two cars to use. Meanwhile, it also is a very cost-effective and efficient manner to move cars to a new location.

Like the single-level option discussed above, it can protect your special vehicle from the elements, dust, dirt, and insects that may have affected the car otherwise.

Find the Right Car Transportation Services for Your Needs

When you next need to get your primary mode of transportation across the country, use this post to help you find the best type of car transportation company. Just ensure they have the equipment and manpower needed to safely get your vehicle to the intended destination. It will make your shipping activity easy to deal with this time and any other time you need to do this.

We hope you learned something new about car transportation services. For the latest car and motor news, check out our other articles on our site.