Conestoga Trailers in Trucking
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The Benefits of Using Conestoga Trailers in Trucking

Struggling with tarps and worrying about bad weather delaying deliveries? Do you want a faster and more efficient truck for your business? Consider investing in Conestoga trailers.

Conestoga trailers are hybrid trucks that offer the best features of dry vans and flatbeds. This modern-day trailer is a flatbed trailer with an accordion-style cover tarp that pulls over the load. 

If you’re struggling in deciding if a Conestoga trailer is right for you, here are a few benefits of using Conestoga trailers in trucking.

Versatile Usage

Conestoga trailers have the versatility of a flatbed during freight loading. It also has the combined protection of your shipment from the elements and weather. Thus, it’s conducive for those irregular shipments and odd-sized loads.

Conestoga trailers also provide the ease of access from a flatbed trailer and the security of an enclosed trailer. The limits of a dry van and a flatbed will no longer confine your trucking company.

A typical van trailer, which has three walls and a roof, protects the cargo from rain, wind, and snow. However, the disadvantage is you can only load it from the back.

With its flatbed, you can load Conestoga trailers from either side or with a crane from the top. You’re not restricted to loading and unloading from the back of the trailer.

Faster Deliveries

Conestoga flatbed trailers allow drivers to deliver goods in a more time-efficient way. Instead of lifting the covers on and off a flatbed, drivers can strap down the load and move the curtain tarp for much faster and efficient deliveries. You no longer have to be responsible for the heavy tarps that constantly need to be strapped and unstrapped. 

Transportation companies might see this advantage when it comes to parcel backhauls and shipments. The tarp mechanism allows the drivers to access all sections of shipment at any time.   

Conestoga trailers are also great for moving several heavy items at once. It can carry about 42,000 to 45,000 pounds of equipment with ease. You can also load the trailer up to 8.5 feet in height and width.


The flexibility to switch between a flatbed-style and enclosed van of Conestoga trailers enables shippers to serve a wider array of markets. This allows truck center companies the ability to increase their bottom line while lowering maintenance costs.

Increasing your efficiency in the transportation industry is vital. The best trucking companies have the advantage of utilizing Conestoga trailers to move their freight on the road. In the transportation and trucking industry, you have to provide quality transportation service for all its customers.

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Conestoga Trailers Can Give You More

These are a few benefits of using Conestoga trailers in trucking. They may be a more expensive alternative, but they can expand shipper’s capabilities and increase efficiencies in operations. Thus, they’re a profitable investment for your transportation business.

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