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How to Choose the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

Now that the weather is warming up, are you reading to hit the road on your motorcycle?

If so, then you certainly aren’t alone. After all, there’s really nothing better than experiencing the open road with the wind in your face.

Now that summer is almost here, it’s time to gear up for your next adventure. That includes making sure you have the right helmet.

This article takes a look at how to pick the perfect motorcycle helmet for your head size and riding style. Keep reading to get the inside scoop so you can stay safe wherever your journey takes you.

Determining Size

When it comes to finding the perfect helmet for your head, size definitely matters. In fact, buying the wrong size helmet can make your life miserable.

The key is to first determine your head size and shape. Have a family member take a photo of your head from above. Be sure to flatten down your hair as much as possible to get an accurate view of your head.

This photo should provide a clear idea of the shape of your head, such as “round oval” or “long oval”. Next, have them measure the diameter of your with a measuring tape. This is especially important when ordering a custom motorcycle helmet.

Once you have the necessary measurement and know the size of your head, you’re ready to start shopping.

Helmet Styles

Now let’s take a look at the most popular styles of helmets. No matter if you’re shopping for a men’s motorcycle helmet or women’s motorcycle helmet, you’ll have plenty of styles to choose from.

An open-face helmet is the least restrictive but also the least protective. You’ll get tons of fresh air but the helmet won’t cover your face or chin.

A full-face helmet will totally enclose your head. It will provide maximum protection but minimal ventilation.

Modular helmets are similar to full-face helmets with a hinged mechanism that allows the chin bar and face shield to release when you’re ready to remove the helmet. This enables you to instantly convert it to a full-face helmet. Thus you get the best of both worlds.

ADV helmets are most popular among off-road riders. This type of helmet has a face shield and filter to reduce the amount of dust you breathe in while riding.

A dirt helmet is designed exclusively for off-road riding.┬áKeep in mind that this one isn’t street legal.

Breaking In Your Helmet

Once you’ve found the right helmet for your riding style, be sure to wear it around the house as often as possible. That’s because helmets require a breaking-in period to maximize comfort. This will give your helmet a chance to properly form to your head.

A Rider’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

There’s really nothing that beats exploring the open road on two wheels. Fortunately, the tips contained here will help you find the right motorcycle helmet, no matter whether your plans include exploring the country or just riding around town.

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