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What Is a Box Truck and How Is It Used?

Fleet managers always look for new ways to increase their business’s efficiency. Having a strong logistics company will make your customers happy and enhance your business.

But there are times when managing fleets bring on challenges. With larger vehicles, you face increased insurance and maintenance costs. Also, purchasing bigger trucks costs more money.

One vehicle that more managers are adding to their fleets is a box truck. It’s a smaller truck that offers businesses a versatile way to move their goods. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of adding this truck to your fleet.

What Is a Box Truck?

A box, or cube truck,  is a commercial vehicle where the cargo area and cab are separated. The cargo-shaped box area gives the truck its signature name. Some trucks that fall into the box truck category are:

  • Straight trucks
  • Cube vans
  • Medium-duty trucks
  • Dry vans

Since the cab is separated from the cargo area, you can only access goods through the rear roll-up door. It’s a significant difference from a cargo van.

Types of Box Trucks

These trucks come in a variety of designs that can accommodate most business needs. You can break box trucks down into two categories:

  • Cab design
  • Capacity

Box trucks can have two different cab designs, conventional and cab over. Conventional trucks have their engine in front of the steering wheel. Cab over trucks has a flat front with the motor underneath the cab.

The capacity of box trucks ranges between light and medium-duty. Light-duty trucks are fuel-efficient vehicles that are great for shipping lighter loads. Medium duty box trucks are ideal for heavy towing and long-term use.

Advantages of Box Trucks

With the different types of box trucks available, you can see why businesses choose to add them to their fleets.

They provide an alternative to massive trucks and can be used for a variety of tasks. But, here are some other advantages you’ll gain from having more box trucks in your fleet.

Mobile Storage Facility

These trucks are often bigger than regular storage units. You will be able to store additional inventory in them if you need to. Box trucks also increase security for your goods due to the secure lock and door they have.

Cheaper Marketing

Business marketing isn’t cheap and can cause companies to go under. But if you use your box truck, you can turn it into a mobile marketing ad. That will lessen your marketing costs and increase traffic for your business.

Lower Insurance Costs

Larger vehicles always come with a hefty insurance price tag. Insurance for bigger trucks costs between $10,000 to $13,000. Costs vary due to the nature of the business and potential damages they could face.

If you have smaller vehicles, they can lower your insurance costs. Box truck insurance isn’t as costly as semi-trucks. Having more of these trucks in your fleet will reduce your overall insurance payments.

Increase Fleet Efficiency With Box Trucks

A box truck can help give your fleet the versatility it has been missing. You’ll have a fuel-efficient way to ship your goods and also have extra storage space if you need it. Having these trucks will increase your business’s efficiency in no time.

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