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RC Car Maintenance: Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Know

Playing around with a remote control car is a huge hobby for many car enthusiasts. It’s tons of fun to toy around with a mini RC car and have a collection of vehicles that you probably couldn’t own if they were life-sized. However, one of the biggest issues that many RC car owners face is improper maintenance.

With that said, if you’re interested in learning more about remote control car maintenance tips, continue reading below: 

Washing and Cleaning

One of the biggest mistakes that RC car owners make is submerging their remote control car into water. This is a no-no. When the car is covered with dirt and mud, the easiest thing seemingly to do is to dunk it in a bowl of water.

However, doing so can degrade paint, and the water could get trapped within the frame. You never want your RC car to rust. The better solution is to remove it from the chassis and clean it with a towel that’s wet with denatured alcohol or a special cleaner.

Afterward, you can hand-dry it with a towel.


Your RC cars are like well-oiled machines. But you can also grease it and make sure it runs smoothly. However, excessive oil use attracts dust and soil, resulting in a host of harmful results. Dirt can clump up and cause problems with your RC car runs. Not to mention, it puts extra wear on the components.

Lubricants should be used sparingly. Just use as much oil as is required to keep the parts running smoothly. If pieces still need to be oiled, once a month should suffice. And if you don’t run your RC cars very much, oiling may be unnecessary.

Nuts and Bolts

This critical error is often made by first-time RC car owners when installing their first set, and it can be damaging. Screws that are overtightened may weaken the frame or make it difficult to use. If you overtighten the wheel nuts, for example, the vehicle could fail to drive.

When tightening nuts, tighten manually until you encounter more friction. Then see if you can twist it a little more with your fingers. 

Routine Maintenance

If you race your RC car on a daily basis, doing a detailed inspection once a month is a smart idea. If the liquid in the shocks is dark grey or brown in color, cover it with fresh fluid.

Examine the driveshafts to see if they need to be cleaned thoroughly. Remove any mud that is difficult to access from the vehicle and wipe it off with a washing solvent.

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Proper RC Car Maintenance

Proper RC car maintenance is the key to maintaining your remote control car. As long as you take care of it, it’ll last for many years.

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