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Which SUV Is Right for Me? 5 Great Options

Are you in the market to buy a new SUV? If so, you aren’t alone! In 2019, 47.4 percent of new vehicles sold in the United States were SUVs. The safety and versatility of SUVs make them the number one choice for buyers around the country.

With so many automobile manufacturers building quality SUVs, it can be hard to find the best one for you. If you’re wondering which SUV is right for me, read on to learn about five of the best options on the market today!

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep has been making high-quality automobiles for 80 years and its flagship model is the Grand Cherokee. Since its release in 1992 as a 1993 model, the Grand Cherokee has earned recognition throughout the industry.

Whether you want to drive off-road or transport your family to and from work and school, there is a Grand Cherokee model for you. Starting at $34,395, the Grand Cherokee offers a wide range of options for adventurous couples and families alike!

2. Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has been one of the top-selling SUVs since it was first unveiled in 1990. Originally released as a successor to the Bronco II, the Explorer has a cult following of enthusiasts throughout the USA.

The 2021 Ford Explorer is arguably the best model of all time! It starts at $32,450 and seating for seven people is a standard feature. If you’re looking for speed and comfort, check out the Ford Explorer ST. Its 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine packs 400 horsepower and 415 lb.-ft. of torque! Buy an SUV with a proven track record of success in the Ford Explorer.

3. Chevrolet Traverse

If you are buying an SUV because you want lots of space and luxury, the Chevrolet Traverse is worth a test drive. Chevrolet has upped the ante with the 2021 version of this well-known sports utility vehicle.

Loaded with technology and safety features like lane-change assistance and in-dash navigation, the Traverse also has captain’s seats in the second row. This makes getting to the third row effortless for you and your passengers!

4. Mazda CX-5

If you’re wondering which SUV you should buy, the Mazda CX-5 is one you can’t afford to look past. While it doesn’t have the interior passenger room of the other SUVs on this list, this compact SUV gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

The Mazda CX-5 is the best SUV 2021 and starts at $25,370. A fully-loaded model has a suggested MSRP of less than $41,000. If you are looking for more performance, opt for the turbocharged 2.0-liter engine which boasts 250-horsepower and 320 lb.-ft. of torque!

5. Volvo XC90

The best SUV models are focused on safety and comfort for your family. In the world of SUV safety, Swedish automaker Volvo is the gold standard. Its XC90 is the flagship full-size SUV with seating for eight adults!

Its luxurious interior is plush with leather and no shortage of technology and safety features. The SUV is so advanced that it will drive and park itself! It also notices when there’s a delayed response from a driver and will keep the SUV navigating safely.

Which SUV is Right for Me?

When asking the question, ‘Which SUV is right for me?’, the answer is, ‘It depends.” Today’s SUV manufacturers make a wide range of options at different price points. This makes it easier than ever before to find the features you need.

By taking time to consider the must-haves for your next SUV and your budget, it will help you narrow your search. This will help you find the best SUV for you and your family.

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