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The Five Best Years for Used Ram Trucks

With over 100 years of history, it may be a little daunting deciding which of the Ram trucks on the market you should invest in.

We’re here to tell you not to necessarily go for the most recent model on the market. Older models have been hailed as excellent, and stand up to the test of time.

Read on for the 5 Ram truck years we think are the cream of the crop…

2009 Ram 1500

Starting from the oldest on this list, the 2009 Ram was a notable turning point for the brand.

2009 saw the fourth-generation model unveiled. The brand new design really brought Ram trucks into the new millennium, with an upgraded look and feel.

The new bells and whistles – including suspension upgrades, a HEMI engine option, the introduction of the Rambox cargo system, a four-door cab style, an updated GPS, and improved inside entertainment features – really turned heads at the time.

And the 2009 Ram 1500 is still considered one of the best to date.

2010 Ram 1500

A slight upgrade on the 2009, the Ram 2010 1500 took things up a notch after the fourth-generation truck was unveiled the year before.

This version incorporated an all-new fuel-saving technology making it more economical. It also added an integrated trailer brake controller. It’s arguably, therefore, a better truck for towing, if that’s what you’re using your Ram truck for.

It is the first Ram to have iPod integration too – something the 2009 edition just missed out on.

2011 Ram 1500

Perhaps more cosmetically pleasing, the 2011 Ram 1500 was released with special editions and premium trim levels.

The special editions – including the Outdoorsman, Tradesman, and the Laramie Longhorn – offered more variation to the new range.

On top of this, the 2011 range comes with leaf-spring rear suspension, a 3.7-liter V6 engine, folding mirrors, a spray-in bed liner, and a Garmin navigation radio.

2012 Ram 1500

Although the 2012 upgrades are minimum, the installation of the Rambox cargo management system – unique to the brand – stands out.

This gave the 2012 model an added edge when marketing the truck for hauling purposes.

As well as this, this 2012 truck features a premium Surround Sound feature for a more enjoyable listening experience while on the road.

2014 Ram 1500

Of course, there are great newer models out today, but our final choice takes us to 2014.

This year saw another notable change for Ram trucks. It introduced a 3.0-liter turbocharged EcoDiesel V6 engine, boasting up to 240 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque.

This signaled a new chapter for the 1500 series, setting it as a contender for other diesel vehicles.

A much more attractive fuel economy – around 25 mpg highway – the 2014 model is arguably the best when it comes to no-nonsense, long-haul journeys.

Deciding Between Ram Trucks

Our top 5 list should help you to narrow down the Ram truck that’s best for you.

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