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7 Reasons to Always Use Genuine Parts When Replacing Car Parts

Your run-of-the-mill American will drop just under $400 on car maintenance every year. Part of the expenses that make up that figure includes swapping out the occasional car part.

Since car parts by themselves can cost well over $400, several deal-seekers turn to after-market parts to help cut costs. We’re here to tell you that in many cases, that’s a bad idea.

Sure, some after-market parts perform okay. When replacing car parts though, going with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) pieces almost always affords more value to consumers over time.

Not sold on going with OEM parts? Keep reading to take in a handful of the reasons why original, genuine parts are just plain better.

1. Guaranteed to Fit

When you need a new bumper for your Toyota, walk into a Toyota dealer and ask for a new bumper, guess what? The bumper you’re going to get will fit your Toyota.

We appreciate that seems like a forgone conclusion but if you’ve ever gone through the after-market circus before you understand that it isn’t.

After-market shops sell tons of parts and the people selling tend to not have special knowledge of any particular car. That leads a lot of people to buy incorrect parts which, paired with poor return policies, can turn into costly mistakes.

2. Better Warranties

GM Parts that come from GM have outstanding warranties you’d expect from an American auto-maker. “GM Parts” that come from an after-market factory in China won’t offer the same guarantees and if they do, good luck cashing in on them.

Remember, there’s a lot more to a warranty than a claim on a box. When you actually need a warranty’s help, you have to know where to go to get a new part or your money back.

When you buy genuine, you can walk into a dealer or authorized reseller for warranty assistance. When you buy after-market, you’re rolling the dice.

3. Won’t Void Your Vehicle’s Warranty

Speaking of warranties, did you know that using an after-market vehicle part could void your car’s warranty? That might prove to be a huge financial problem.

The reason why after-market parts can hurt a dealer’s chances of honoring your warranty is that they may blame your car’s malfunctions on you deviating from the guidance included in your manual which always asks you use only OEM parts.

In terms of finances, choosing to save $50 by going with an aftermarket part could void a warranty on a $40,000 car. Not exactly a great value.

4. OEM Parts Are Made for Your Vehicle

After-market parts are made with a generic focus. Manufacturers try to save money by crafting a part that can fit as wide a range of vehicles as possible to cut their expenses and pass some of those savings onto you.

Original car auto parts, on the other hand, are crafted with your car in mind. That means more part longevity, better vehicle support, and, for what it’s worth, a more thoughtful addition to your ride.

5. Higher Quality

Speaking of part longevity, the durability of parts that are original dwarf comparable after-market parts in just about every case we’ve examined. Look no further than that to explain a lot of the cost differential between the OEM’s and after-markets.

Remember, the aim of after-markets is to craft parts as affordably as possible because after-market shoppers expect savings above all else. Original manufacturers, on the other hand, have a brand to protect. Consequently, they are much more apt to go the extra mile to ensure the parts they’re putting their name on will exceed your longevity expectations.

6. Easy Sourcing

Does your time matter to you? If it doesn’t, mulling over your mortality might be in good order. If it does, good.

To that end, replacing car parts with OEM parts can help as doing so saves you time.

As we’ve mentioned, walking into a dealer or working with an authorized seller to get your hands on an original piece takes moments. Dipping your toe into the after-market to source generic parts from passive pools of online sellers is much less intuitive. Not to mention the time you’ll have to invest managing difficult returns if the part turns out to be a bad fit (it happens more than you think).

7. Safety

There’s no advantage greater when you buy car parts than the safety you’re investing in. In our book, OEM parts champion safety for many of the reasons we’ve already described.

OEM parts fit your car. They allow your car to perform its best. They’re durable… The list goes on.

Yes, original parts tend to cost more than their after-market counterparts. But how much do you really want to cut costs when it comes to supporting the giant hunk of metal you surround yourself with when barreling down the freeway at 80 miles per hour?

If you’re anything like us, you want that metal in great condition which is exactly what original parts will help guarantee.

Replacing Car Parts Doesn’t Have to Be a Hard Process

People hate replacing car parts for the simple reason that doing so takes time and costs money. To make things easier the next time you have car parts to replace, take our recommendation and make an investment in original, genuine parts.

Doing so will make your buying experience much easier and will save you money over time. See for yourself by picking up an OEM part today!

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