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Glamping in Oregon: All of the Fun Stuff Without the Mosquitoes

Millennials and Gen Z-ers have been hitting the road and going camping — in style. Glamping, as this practice is known, has grown in popularity, with more than 30% of people in North America going on a glamping trip in the last few years.

Oregon, on the West Coast of the U.S., is filled with amazing outdoor areas, landscapes, and luxurious campgrounds that will make any camper envious. When going glamping, why not travel there?

Here are the best ways to go glamping in Oregon.

The Vintage Trailers Resort

Located in Dayton inside the Willamette Valley, the Vintage Trailers Resort can offer you a unique experience. Included inside each experience is the opportunity to wine, dine, and explore the outdoors of the fourteen-acre RV park to your heart’s desire.

In this unique resort, you can stay in any unique trailer you want, whether it is an RV or a Caravan Woods trailer. Happy campers can also enjoy incredible views, a pool with a hot tub for those cold nights, and outdoor lawn games to play with friends.

Stay at an Airstream

Airstreams are renown as caravans which have a unique architecture and polished aluminum coachwork. One resort that lets you stay in a furnished version of an Airstream is the Hart’s Camp Airstream Hotel & RV Park, located in Pacific City.

Each Airstream caravan has an oven, microwave, a coffee machine, a toaster, and a kettle for those early mornings. Air conditioning is easily available and each Airstream has seating, picnic, fire pit, and dining area.

For all of these special amenities and proximity to beautiful hiking close by, what more could you want in a glamping experience?

Oceanside Resorts on the Coast

When you think about glamping in Oregon, what better place is there to travel to than on the coast?

Resorts like Oceanside RV Resort in Coos Bay offer a variety of living spaces like yurts and villas that offer free WiFi and a unique dining experience at the Coos Bay Crab Shack. The best part about it, besides, is that you have easy access to the local beaches where you can enjoy whale watching, fishing, or swimming in the Pacific waters.

Consider Glamping in a Treehouse

Fulfill your childhood fantasies and wake up to amazing views when you want to go glamping! These will not be the rustic treehouses of your youth, however, but a glamorous experience that offers amazing amenities.

Out n’ About Tree Houses, located in Cave Junction near the Siskiyou National Forest, lets you stay high above the ground and be cozy with private balconies, king and queen-sized beds, and lofts.

All guests have access to a sprawling, complimentary breakfast. You can also go horseback riding, zip-lining, river rafting, and hiking nearby.

Stay Cozy in a Cabin

There is nothing better than keeping your accommodations simple and letting your glamping experiences speak for themselves. In that case, you should consider glamping inside a cabin.

Coast Cabin Cottages in Manzanita is one of those cabin resorts that will fill your needs. Each 440 square foot-cabin has a queen bed, stone fireplace, two TVs, and a compact kitchen. Guests also have access to a private hot tub — perfect for a couple on a romantic getaway.

But if you don’t want to spend the money on a specific cabin resort, you can also bring the items you want to complete your goals.

Wear a luxurious robe, set up a fire pit, and roast marshmallows in comfort!

What to Do Outdoors

Thanks to its variety of landscapes and location in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon provides a lot of activities that any glamping enthusiast would be interested in. Here are some activities that you can enjoy doing when visiting:

  • Visit a local winery or brewery
  • Go hiking in one of Oregon’s hiking trails, like the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor or Oregon Coast Trail
  • Visit Ecola State Park or Crater Lake National Park
  • Go surfing at Oswald West State Park

No matter where you go glamping in Oregon, the possibilities are endless.

Choose the Best Time of Year

Though you may be very excited to start your glamping trips with your friends, you do need to take some things into consideration before you start booking. Since the Beaver State experiences cool summers and wet winters, you should take those times of the year into consideration when booking your trip.

If you don’t want to worry about the weather going down into the 50s and snow, as it would in winter, then the best time you should go in the summer. On the other hand, autumn is a great time of year to go fishing in any of Oregon’s rivers or taste wine in a vineyard nearby with smaller crowds.

Before booking, check the glamping site you want to visit to see if they are open year-round or have seasonal availability.

Have Fun Glamping in Oregon!

Oregon is a beautiful state filled with forests and campgrounds that will make anyone who sees the pictures of it on Instagram envious and wish they were there. Take the time before going to a campground there to do your research and figure out the logistics.

Use the tips listed above to plan your trip out there, explore the beautiful state, and have a great time. Happy camping!

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