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These Are the Benefits of Scrapping a Car

One of the most common reasons people keep old cars around is hope. They hope that one day they can fix it up and restore it to its original glory.

But this sentimentality doesn’t usually equal reality. The longer your old car sits unattended, the less likely it is to ever run again.

And still, there is hope. Scrapping a car that no longer works is an amazing way to create a win-win situation.

Here are the main benefits of scrapping a car.


The neighborhood association isn’t the boss of you. But they can definitely take you to court for violating community rules.

In many neighborhood communities, junk cars are a no go. Even if you don’t live in a subdivision, simply leaving an inoperable vehicle on the street for prolonged periods of time can get you a citation from the city.

Home Owners Associations usually give you a warning letter before taking serious action over broken bylaws. Scrapping a car gives you the benefit of getting rid of the car quickly.

Expect fines to follow your warning letter which can rack up if you aren’t able to sell the car in the time frame you want. Don’t form bad relationships with the people who work hard to make your community a nice place to live. 

Neighbors will come knocking because your sentimental jalopy is making their homes look bad. Get compliant, or just be a better neighbor, by getting rid of a junk car in your yard. 

Home Values

Again, junk cars are an eyesore that serves no one. You have hopes of a future for your car that won’t likely ever be. 

That means it’ll be taking up precious space on your property when the neighbors are trying to sell their house. Home values are based on people’s perception of your neighborhood. 

Expect your home to drop in value with junk cars in the yard. Even if you can get an amount that’s within the range of comps in your area, it’ll be on the low end.

Junk cars kill grass and are one of the main signs neighbors don’t have pride of ownership. It’s on par with trying to sell a home with wild weeds growing rampant.

The dust collects and rust sets in once a car is left unattended for years. This atrocious sight will scare off any neighbors worth having. Get rid of the junk car to improve the appearance of your home and all the other residences on your block. 

Better World

You can help make the world a better place by scrapping your car. Those parts just lying dormant under the hood could be instrumental in creating new items.

Whether the parts get reused as is or melted down to create something new, it means not having to waste precious natural resources. Help recycle your car’s metal to protect the environment by scrapping your car.

This might not be a benefit you see right away but it’s a benefit that’ll have the most long-term impact of any other perk.


Space is a luxury no matter how large your home. With a junk car gone, you can fit another car, play space for your kids, or have more storage options for your tools.

The average car takes up the space of two or three storage closets. Rethink the layout of your driveway and garage without the car present.

You’ll uncover options for storage sheds, basketball courts, and more. This extra space means less clutter inside your home or the option for more family time.

No matter which option you choose, you’re increasing the usability of your property which is a great way to create value. When buyers come to look at your property, they can envision themselves in the added living space making the house seem more attractive. 

Scrapping a Car for Cash

Scrapping a car is usually done for cash. Contact a scrap car recycling company to get your vehicle picked up from your home in exchange for a chunk of change.

The amount you get varies based on the recycling company. Some offer a few hundred dollars while others offer a couple thousand.

The condition of your car is a major factor in the amount you might receive. Take the money from your deal and boost your emergency savings or use it for a down payment on a new car.

The possibilities are endless for your cash investment.

How to Scrap a Car

When you’re ready to let go of your jalopy, schedule a pickup appointment with a recycling company. Most of the time they’ll come out right away to give you an assessment.

This assessment tells you how much they’ll give you for the car and when they can pick it up. In rare cases, you’ll have to get the car to the scrap yard yourself.

This situation only makes sense if you’re earning lots of cash from the deal. Otherwise, let the recycling company come get the car themselves.

Benefits of Scrapping a Car

There are far more benefits of scrapping a car than keeping it around. In fact, the only reason to keep it around is the potential that it’ll sell.

Certain car models can attract buyers even when they no longer run. But these cars are the exception rather than the rule.

It makes more sense to get rid of a car that doesn’t run than to hope you’ll get lucky in the future. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.