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How Much Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost? The Prices Explained

You can add a slick look to any vehicle with a cool new wrap. If you’ve been planning on wrapping your ride, you may wonder how much it cost.

Since the invention of cars, people have made them their own. One of the coolest new ways to customize your vehicle is with a vinyl wrap.

More than likely, you’re already thinking about how great your vehicle will look with a shiny new wrap. It will look awesome wrapped in a brand-new color. However, you might ask yourself, “How much does a vehicle wrap cost?”

To learn more about how much a vehicle wrap costs, keep reading.

What Is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a set of large vinyl decals. Installers apply the decals to every panel of your car. These areas include the bumper cover, deck lid, doors, fenders, hood, and roof.

Once the installer finishes, none of your original paint will remain exposed. In a way, a vinyl wrap works just like a paint job.

It’s important to have a vinyl wrap installed correctly. Accordingly, it’s critical to find an expert vehicle wrap company.

When done the right way, a wrap will not alter your current paint job. In many cases, it will even protect the finish.

Furthermore, you can customize a wrap. As with a paint job, you can order a wrap in many colors.

You can also order it in various finishes, such as matte or glossy. If you desire, you can choose from chrome or metallic wraps.

Designers create wraps using a computer. For this reason, you can choose from an infinite number of graphics or designs. With no limit to your choices, you can create a truly distinct look for your ride.

At the same time, wraps are easy to remove. If you own a business, for instance, you can use a wrap for a special campaign. When the campaign is over, you can simply peel the wrap away.

Benefits of Car Wraps

It’s important to understand that a wrap doesn’t do a great job of covering up old or bad paint. You won’t see any of the paint after you install the wrap. However, unless your paint is in good condition, the wrap won’t look good.

Furthermore, a vinyl car wrap will protect your OEM paint job. You can remove them completely if you desire.

In this way, a vinyl wrap can improve the resale value of your vehicle. When you’re ready to sell your vehicle, it will have a flawless paint job. After you remove the wrap, your paint job will remain unchanged.

Alternatively, repainting a car typically decreases its value. However, with a wrap, you can restore your vehicle to its original color simply by removing the wrap.

A car wrap is a great way to customize a leased vehicle. Customizations typically aren’t part of a lease arrangement. If you lease your car, you can void your warranty by painting it. Furthermore, an intricate wrap costs much less than an equivalent paint job.

It’s not easy to tell whether a car has a wrap or paint job. Also, you can reproduce many more styles with a wrap than you could with paint.

Vinyl wraps work just as well, if not better than paint, with proper care. They can take a beating and still protect your vehicle paint job.

Furthermore, vinyl wraps make it easier to repair small scratches. You’d simply re-wrap the section that’s damaged.

How Much Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

The cost to wrap a car varies widely. Mostly, the price for a wrap depends on the size of your vehicle. As a rule of thumb, it costs less to wrap a coupe than it does to wrap a sedan.

When estimating how much to wrap a car, the cost of a wrap also varies depending on the complexity of the installation. It can cost more to install a wrap if the installation requires extensive labor.

As an example, it’s difficult to remove the bumpers of some vehicles. Bumper removal is particularly challenging for cars that have curved bodies or panels with sharp creases.

The average vehicle wrap cost for a new wrap for a sedan might start as low as $2,000. However, a wrap may start at $3,500 for larger vehicles, including coupes, SUVs, trucks, and vans.

Car wrap cost is also higher for specialty wraps. For instance, it costs more to buy a carbon fiber design vinyl wrap.

You’d also pay more for a chrome wrap. Metallic wrap installation starts at around $6,000.

Nevertheless, there are more exotic wraps. Specialty jobs can start as high as $10,000.

The cost of a specialty installation will vary based on the difficulty of the job. For instance, it could take an extra two days or more to wrap the insides of your door jambs.

This extra work makes the job take considerably longer. Resultantly, it will cost more.

Making Your Wrap Last

Of course, you want to get the most out of your wrap. Where you live will greatly affect its lifespan.

Extreme temperatures can wear on a wrap. Accordingly, you want to find a covered area to park your vehicle after installation. At the least, you’ll want to invest in a car cover.

Cold weather can also wear on a vehicle wrap. The salts that municipalities use to clear roads will break down vinyl. Under ideal conditions, however, a vinyl wrap can last for four to five years.

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