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4 Auto Detailing Supplies You Need As a Beginner

Did you know that it is recommended to detail a vehicle every 4-6 months? Most people go years without a full detail because they think that a quick wash and vacuum is enough. The truth is that auto detailing is important because it will not only help your car last longer but it can get rid of harmful bacteria that might go unnoticed inside your car. 

We have put together this list of supplies that you want to have on hand for the next time you detail your own car.

1. Sponges and Towels

Without a sponge or towels, you will have a difficult time cleaning the grime off your vehicle. You want to keep an eye out on the material of the sponge because you do not want to leave swirl marks or accidentally leave any scratch marks behind due to the sponge. 

Look for a sponge that is super soft and that does not have an abrasive side. You can opt to use towels instead of sponges as well. Microfiber towels can be used instead of a sponge and they can also be used for drying. 

If you prefer to have a professional take care of this and not have to worry about accidentally choosing something that will scratch your car then you can contact a reputable professional such as Mobile Wash and Lube to help you. 

2. Professional Cleaning Products

Next up on our list, you will need soap, car polish, wax, and sealants. The key here is not to get just any cleaning products, you want top of the line professional cleaning products to take care of the dirt and grime. Take the time to look at the ingredients in the solution to make sure that you choose something with powerful cleaning agents but still gentle enough to not damage the surfaces on your vehicle. 

3. Water Hose

You might not realize that the water hose is another factor in detailing a car. You want to use a hose that gives off enough pressure to help blast off the dirt and debris found on the outside of the car’s surfaces. This will make it easier to soap the entire car and thoroughly wash off the soap. 

4. Vacuum Cleaner

A car vacuum cleaner will come in very handy when you are removing the dirt inside your car. You want a vacuum that has different size hand tools to ensure that you can get into nooks and cranny’s that are difficult to get into otherwise.

You also want to make sure you pick one out that has a powerful suction to clean any debris that is trapped in between the fibers. 

Ready to Pick and Choose Your Auto Detailing Supplies?

Now that you have our top auto detailing supplies you can start shopping around to gather your supplies. Now is a perfect time of year to give your car a thorough detail before the winter months are here.

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