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Autos Abroad: The Process of Shipping a Car Overseas

A lot of variables come into play when you’re moving to a new country, so you’ll need to get your ducks in a row. One of the biggest encumbrances you have is figuring out what to do with your car.

Many people end up selling their car, but what if you’d rather keep it? Thankfully, you can bring your car with you when you find an international shipping company that can assist you.

Shipping a car overseas is straightforward when you consider the following information.

Consider Where You’re Sending the Car and the Types of Methods

First things first, consider the country you’re moving to and the geographical challenges it poses. If you’re moving somewhere connected to the United States, like Mexico or Canada, you can also include ground transportation shipping methods.

Some of the most common ways to ship a vehicle to another country include using shipping containers, open-air trucks, pro drivers, airplane transport, and enclosed shipments. Think about what conditions you want to expose your vehicle to, how far it has to travel, and other variables that will dictate your decision.

Find a Company That Will Handle Your Vehicle With Care

No matter which method you use, the company you hire should be trusted and professional. Consult with a few car shipping companies and ask them about their experience in the business and how they can handle your vehicle.

Ask them what kind of jobs they prefer and specialize in. For instance, companies deal with heavy machinery jobs. Get referrals from your co-workers or anyone else you know who has completed an international move. Referrals are the best way to find leads from people whose opinions you can put faith in.

Shop for Price Quotes on the Transport

Find out upfront how much you’ll have to pay for international shipping. A lot of variables determine the rates you’ll get. Some of these variables include the method of shipment, the vehicle weight, how far the car has to travel, and what contingencies and measures are taken.

You may also see price fluctuations based on the time of the year. Get the rates in writing so that you have something concrete to use when you comparison shop. Account for any extra fees like insurance plans as well.

Familiarize Yourself With the Contract and the Terms You’re Agreeing to When Shipping a Car Overseas

Anytime you ship a vehicle there is a checklist of obligations you need to follow. This usually means things like emptying the gas tank or getting the oil changed. Find out whether you have to deliver the vehicle or if the shipment company will show up at your residence.

Read through these variables carefully so that you don’t void the contract, and to know which terms the shipping company is obligating themselves to.

Find the Best Vehicle Transport Arrangement

These tips will guide you when you’re interested in shipping a car overseas. When you arrange for vehicle shipping services it makes the rest of your move stress-free.

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