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5 Ways a Modern Car Engine Differs From an Old Car Engine

Have you been looking at your car and wondering how it’s different from those engines from the past?

Technology has come a long way and the modern car engine is quite a different beast to those from the old days. Some of these differences are very important for the performance and efficiency of the car.

So, if you want to know how a modern car engine works and how it’s different to old car engines, read on! Here are the top 6 ways the modern car engine is different.

1. The Modern Engine Is More Powerful

This is the most important difference – raw power. Even standard modern cars can pack more punch than old mid-engine cars that were fast for their time.

Technology has moved fast, and now the cars are faster.

2. The Modern Engine Is Smaller

You might think that more power means a bigger engine. Not the case. Modern cars don’t get their power from more valves or pistons – most of it comes from finer tuning.

Even standard factory models of common commuter cars have much better tuning than older models. But, if you want, you can always tune your car even more.

3. The Modern Engine Is More Efficient

Part of the process of finer tuning is the improvement of engine efficiency. Proper tuning means you get more out of the engine for less.

Interestingly, a lot of cars that display the liter size of the engine are now out of date. The number might suggest there’s a three-liter engine underneath but it’s probably something more like two.

4. The Modern Engine Is Manufactured with Greater Precision

Manufacturing standards have increased and cars can be tuned better because the parts have been made more precisely. High-tech equipment makes perfect parts that improve reliability and performance. You can even use some of this equipment yourself by picking up something like used CNC lathes.

4. The Modern Engine Uses More Parts

If you wanted the modern car engine explained to you, it would take a long time. In order to reach the higher performance levels it has, the modern car engine has undergone a lot of little tweaks.

This has meant that more parts are involved in the ultimate product. You can’t see them, but they’re there.

5. The Modern Engine Has More Electrical Components

Modern car engines are incorporating more and more electrical components. As we have gotten better at manufacturing, we have been able to produce highly reliable electrical components.

These components have overtaken old mechanical components because they are often lighter, take up less space, and are more reliable.

Know Your Modern Car Engine

With so many changes, the modern car engine is a much more complex piece of equipment. But, just like in old times, you should know what you are driving.

So, take the time to work out exactly what is under your hood. This will help you when you need to get it serviced, when you’re looking to buy a new car, or just when you’re talking with your buddies at the bar!

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