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Accident Avoidance Tips for Florida Drivers

Road accidents are strikingly common wherever you are in the world.

Indeed, around 1.2 million people die and up to 50 million get injured in road accidents around the globe each year. Those are startling statistics that we’d do well to remember when we get behind the wheel of our cars.

Clearly, with peoples’ lives at risk, it’s in everybody’s interest to be safe and responsible on the roads- no matter where we’re driving. However, some destinations demand more efforts at road accident avoidance than others!

The Sunshine State of Florida provides the perfect example. Huge numbers of tourists converge on Florida each year, which leads to all sorts of practical problems occurring on the roads.

Are you visiting Florida soon and want some driving advice to ensure you and your family stay safe? Let us help! Keep reading for our best Florida safe driving tips.

Put Your Seatbelt On

Rule number one of safe driving is to wear your seat belt.

The driver and passengers alike must have their seat belts fastened at all times when driving in Florida. It doesn’t matter whether you’re crossing the state or just heading to the local store, always put your seat belt on. Doing so can save your life if you’re unlucky enough to have an accident.

Oh, and if you’re traveling with young children (under 4 years old), they must be sitting in an approved car safety seat.

Be Wary of Slow Drivers

Florida is well-known for its elderly population who retire there for its great climate, tax breaks, and active outdoor lifestyle.

However, it also means there’s a fair amount of slow driving that occurs!

After all, old-aged pensioners aren’t renowned for their pan chance for speeding. They’re more likely to take their time in the left-hand lane. Always be patient when this happens and wait for a safe and opportune moment to overtake.

Don’t Tailgate Slow Drivers

Slow drivers can be frustrating to follow when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

Unfortunately, though, the busy traffic in Florida means there’s no shortage of slow-moving traffic with which to contend. It’s easy to get frustrated and move too close to their tail (aka tailgate) in a bid to hurry things along.

The risk of collision goes up enormously in the process! Your proximity to the car in front often means there isn’t enough time or space to brake if they stop suddenly. You’ll end up causing a fender bender as a result.

Avoid that fate by giving yourself enough distance behind the car in front.

Be Wary of Speeding

The roads of Florida aren’t all taken up with slow-paced OAPs though. There’s a fair degree of speeding to watch out for as well.

Indeed, resident Floridians don’t always take too kindly to tourists taking their time or getting in their way. They’ll fly around the roads, zipping in and out of traffic and overtaking at a whim.

Keep your wits about you and stay vigilant at all times.

Oh, and resist the temptation to follow in their example too. The speed limit’s there for a reason- break it at your peril! Get caught, and you’ll end up with tickets, fines, and various types of SR22 insurance to follow.

Never Drink and Drive

Drunk driving is, of course, both illegal and a recipe for trouble wherever you are in America.

Florida is no exception. Alcohol slows your reaction time, impacts your vision, and lowers your inhibitions all at once. That combination doesn’t bode well when you’re driving on new and unfamiliar Florida roads.

A blood alcohol level of .08 or higher is considered drunk driving in Florida.

Do yourself (and other road users) a favor and steer clear of the booze when you’re exploring the state. Remember, you don’t have to feel drunk for your driving to be affected. Endeavor to avoid all drunk driving in your bid to avoid accidents.

Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

Driving in a new place demands your full attention.

There are new road systems to navigate, speed limits to observe, and rules of the road to obey. Throw in the novel driving of the locals, and it can be a struggle to stay on top of everything.

That’s why it’s so important to avoid distractions when driving in Florida.

Take GPS, for example. Using these clever devices will help you get around and find your destinations in the Sunshine State. But it’s also a common source of distraction. Drivers spend their time checking the screen instead of watching the road.

The same goes for your mobile. Shut it somewhere out of sight, so you aren’t tempted to check texts, answer calls, or scroll through social media while driving!

Use Your Headlights When It Rains

Make sure you turn on your headlights on the rare occasions that it rains in Florida.

It’s another common-sense step in limited visibility that’s also written into law! More precisely, you should use your headlights whenever you’re using your windscreen wipers. You’ll be able to see better out of your windscreen, and other drivers will find it easier to see you!

A related rule states that you should have your headlights turned on between dawn and dusk as well. Be sure to remember that fact if you ever fancy a late night or early morning drive around town!

Remember These Florida Accident Avoidance Tips

Countless road accidents happen every single day in America.

For one reason another—be it bad weather, accidental mistakes, or sheer stupidity—car crashes and their fatal consequences are far too common. That’s why it’s so crucial to always drive sensibly and follow the rules of the road.

However, that becomes even more important when you’re visiting certain places for the first time. Florida, for example, has its own set of risks, rules, and regulations that it pays to familiarize yourself with before you go. Knowing how to drive sensible here is the best way to stay safe.

Hopefully, the Florida accident avoidance tips in this post will help you do exactly that. Read more tips like this by searching for “driving tips” on our website now.