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Great Tips For Finding A Reliable Supplier Of Industrial Cable Pulleys

Did you know the first block and tackle pulley was invented by Archimedes more than 2,000 years ago? A native of Ancient Greece, Archimedes invented this pulley to help the fisherman who made their living in his home country.

The industrial cable pulleys we see today have evolved in the last 2,000 years, but the idea has remained the same. Today, people have found a multitude of ways to use pulleys in a wide range of industries.

If your company is looking for a supplier of industrial cable pulleys, you’re in the right place. You can use the great tips below to help find the best pulley suppliers.

Understand What the Term “Pulley” Means

By definition, a pulley is any simple machine created from a wheel on an axle that supports the movement of a wire, cable, or belt. A pulley might also facilitate a change of direction or transfer of power between an axle and cable.

Modernly, there are several types of pulleys used. These types are a combination of simple pulleys and cables.

Understand Different Pulley Types

You need to understand the different types of pulleys if you want to find the best supplier of industrial cable pulleys. Every kind of pulley provides a different benefit. As such, each pulley may be seen in various industrial applications.

Fixed Pulley

A fixed pulley is connected to a solid surface, such as a wall or floor. The cable is movable. A fixed pulley can help decrease the effort needed to lift a load, but can’t change its direction.

Moving Pulley

A moving pulley has a stationary cable but a movable pulley. The effort needed to lift a load is decreased, but the direction can’t be changed.

Block and Tackle Pulley

Block and tackle pulleys are comprised of multiple fixed and movable pulleys arranged across from one another. They can both decrease the effort necessary to lift something and change its direction.

Cone Pulley

A cone pulley has multiple pulleys arranged in a cone formation. The pulleys at the bottom of the cone are larger than those at the top. They decrease both the force and speed necessary to lift or propel something.

Compound Pulley

A compound pulley has both a pulley and cable that are movable. It can be used to both decrease lifting effort and change direction.

Vet the Supplier Online

Before comparing anything else, you want to vet any suppliers you plan on using online.

Start by checking online reviews. You can find these on the supplier’s website or special review sites. Reviews left by previous customers will give you a great idea of the quality of the industrial cable pulleys being sold.

Check the Better Business Bureau also. This website offers ratings of companies and also supplies a listing of any claims filed against them.

You don’t want to see any open claims, because this means there was a serious issue with the products or services offered. You can also see if there were previous claims that have been closed. This isn’t always a bad sign, as it shows the company takes care of any issues that arise.

Look for Great Customer Service

If you’re going to be needing a lot of industrial cable pulleys or similar equipment, you want to work with a company that offers excellent customer service. Many fail to realize how important this is because you’ll usually order the parts and have them shipped.

But what about when something goes wrong?

There is an abundance of issues that could potentially arise. A shipment could get delayed or lost in the mail. The pulleys could arrive damaged because of unsafe handling during packing or shipping.

You may get lucky and never have anything go wrong, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Excellent customer service means your issues will get handled quickly and efficiently. Not only is this less stressful for you, but it’s also more time-efficient and cost-effective.

Compare Pricing

If you find several companies that provide excellent customer service and have good reputations, you should compare pricing. Many make the mistake of only comparing the pricing of companies, but disregarding other essential company attributes.

Pricing is important because it affects your bottom line. But, a cheaper company that provides low-quality products will end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Ask About Warranties

You should be asking one essential question before ever making a purchase. “Do these cable pulleys come with a warranty?”

A warranty can help protect you if there are manufacturing defects. While rare, it isn’t impossible for there to be defects in one pulley or an entire shipment of them. If there’s a warranty, the company will replace the defective products.

Ability to Order Complimenting Products

When looking for a company that sells industrial cable pulleys, you may want to look for one that also sells complimenting products. The cables and cable fittings to go with the pulleys, for example.

Being able to order several of the items you need from a single company is much more time-efficient. Thanks to savings on shipping costs, it could also prove to be less costly than ordering from several companies.

Do You Have More Questions About Industrial Cable Pulleys?

The great tips above can help you find a supplier that will be reliable and professional. Having knowledge about pulleys and looking deeper into potential suppliers are of the utmost importance.

Do you have more questions about industrial cable pulleys?

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