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5 Simple Tips for How to Get Rid Of a Car You Don’t Want

“I love this old, raggedy lemon taking up space in my drive-way,” said no homeowner ever. Besides, letting a jalopy sit in front of your house brings the property value down and you can get fined in some cities.

Getting rid of a car you no longer use gives you a quick increase in your finances. A car buyer can appraise the vehicle and give you cash for it right away. Think of the space you’ll be saving as well.

You can set up a workshop in your garage and finish up home projects. Better yet, you could add a play area in the yard where the car took up space.

Also, consider the money you get to save by not shelling out hundreds for parts on a dying car. Let it go.

Do you have an old car you don’t want anymore? These 5 simple tips will show you how to get rid of a car that’s past its prime.

1. How to Get Rid of a Car? Sell It Yourself!

Selling a car you own may seem like a difficult feat, but it’s not. Yes, there’s some paperwork involved you’ll need to familiarize yourself with, but you can do it.

Consider checking with your neighbors first. You may find that one man’s junk car is another man’s treasure. Whip up a quick for sale sign in Word and post the flyers in your neighborhood.

If that fails, try taking out an ad in the local newspaper. Also, take a chance online with social media sites like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram for Business.

People who frequent eBay often purchase from other online sources like these.

2. Trade It In

If you’re looking to upgrade to a newer vehicle, trade-in this old one. A trade-in is a super-fast way to get a car out of your yard.

Keep in mind, the condition determines its value. It also affects how much the dealer’s willingness to give you on the trade. Depending on how much the trade’s worth, you might not need to add additional funds for a down payment.

3. Junk It!

Like the “we buy ugly houses” guys, a lot of companies buy dying and beat-up, old cars. It’s a quick-cash option, and you don’t have to drive the car anywhere.

These companies come to you and they tow for free. Search for old vehicle disposal listings. Get your paperwork together and call around to get the highest going price.

4. Sell off the Parts

Car collectors pay top dollar for old car parts. They frequent junkyards and peruse neighborhoods looking for old cars to get the parts they need.

You’ll need to know how to take the car apart, but that’s what Youtube’s for. Tutorials are the easiest way to do things these days. You might find it a cinch to de-part your car.

Catalog the parts then search the internet for their worth. The parts alone could rake in more dough than selling the car whole.

5. Donate It to Charity

If you don’t have enough tax write-offs for the year, donate that old car to charity. Places like Kars 4 Kids and Wheels for Wishes help families in need of transportation for disabled children.

Say Bye-Bye to Old Betsy

Cheer up the outside aesthetics of your home and say goodbye to the putt-putt car in the driveway. Use this guide to find out how to get rid of a car you no longer want or need.

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