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7 Awesome Reasons to Buy a Car with a Remote Engine Starter

Do you dread waking up on winter mornings, putting on your boots, coat, gloves, and hat, and trudging out to your car to defrost it before work?

Do you find yourself frequently traveling in the suffocating heat of a just started car in the summer?

You don’t have to live that way! Getting a remote starter can revolutionize your comfort in all types of weather.

Let’s took a look at 7 great reasons to buy a car with a remote engine starter.

1. Convenience

Can you think of anything more convenient than using a remote starter to let your car get to the perfect temperature?

Whether it’s the depths of winter or the heat of summer, you won’t have to run all the way out to the driveway to get the car started. If you know you’ll be leaving the house in a little while, you can simply use your remote start system without leaving your home.

Are you wondering: how does remote start work? On your end, all you have to do is push a button. This triggers the car to turn on, but it won’t operate until you’ve put the key in the ignition.

2. Comfort

People who have a vehicle with remote start no longer know the struggle of seeing your breath when you first get into a car in the winter or testing the steering wheel to see if it’s too hot in the summer.

Whether it’s too hot or too cold, temperature extremes in cars can be incredibly uncomfortable. Avoid having to ever spend time in a car that’s too hot or too cold by starting your car remotely ahead of time.

This is particularly useful if you have kids. Kids can be more sensitive to extreme temperatures. This allows them to get into an already climate-controlled car, keeping them happier and more comfortable.

3. Time Savings

If you live in a wintery place, standing out in the freezing cold and scraping off your car can be a real bummer. In a number of states, you can get a large fine for not properly removing snow from your car. In some instances, unremoved snow has been known to blow off while driving and cause accidents.

From the warmth of your house, you can start your car while you’re enjoying your morning coffee. Then, when it’s time to leave, you have a pre-heated car with the snow and ice already melted off.

Think of how many hours of your life you’ve put into scraping your car windshield? It doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

4. Safety

Many remote starters also have built-in security features. This is great because it can add on to the existing car alarm system to make your car’s security even more bomb-proof.

Remote engine starts also promote safety because it’s all too easy in the winter to start driving before your car has been fully scraped or defrosted. By starting your car ahead of time from inside, you can be sure you have the maximum amount of visibility on snowy drives. Snow and ice can also collect on the brake lights or headlights, and using a remote start system can ensure that you’re as visible as possible to other drivers.

5. Engine Care

It’s best for your car engine to warm the car before driving it. Letting the car idle for several minutes before driving allows the engine oil to become more viscous. This means the engine oil provides better lubrication while driving.

Warming the engine up before driving is beneficial for all types of cars but particularly helpful for cars or trucks with diesel enginges.

6. Doubles as a Car Locator

Have you ever spent a half an hour in a mall parking lot searching for your car? It doesn’t matter if you swear you remember parking here, losing your car in a garage or parking lot can be really stressful and time-consuming.

Luckily, if you have a vehicle with remote start, you never have to have this problem again. By pressing your remote your car with start up and you’ll be able to follow the sound. It’s worth getting for that reason alone!

7. Improves Your Quality of Life Overall

If you’re a person that regularly drives, you’ll be surprised how much having a remote starter will improve the quality of your life.

The way we start our mornings can have a huge impact on the rest of our day. To have the ability to create a comfortable climate inside the car, no matter the weather, from the comfort of our own homes is truly a game-changer.

Imagine showing up to work after scraping your car windows, rubbing your hands together to warm them, and seeing your breath for half the commute. Now imagine waltzing into a pre-warmed, defrosted vehicle even in the depths of winter, having a pleasant and comfortable drive to work, and arriving calm and stressfree. Doesn’t that seem worth it?

Similarly, do you want to spend all summer breaking a sweat the second you step into your car? If you could keep your environment more comfortable more of the time, wouldn’t you?

Why Wouldn’t You Get a Remote Engine Starter?

With all of the benefits of having a remote engine starter for your vehicle, doesn’t it seem a little silly not to have one?

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