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4 Tips on How to Get Affordable Wi-Fi in Your Car

It’s no secret; the world is hooked on the internet. Around half of the world’s population is connected to the internet, and the numbers are steadily increasing. Understandably so, the internet has opened up a world of limitless possibilities and opportunities to everyone and also has some funny cat videos.

Sadly, internet charges can go through the roof, especially when we travel out of the country. Fortunately, if you know how to get internet in your car affordably, you won’t have to worry about the outrageous phone bills. 

You can still access the internet through your usual carrier through roaming, but that doesn’t solve the cost, does it? The best way to get affordable internet in your car is just to use free Wi-Fi networks. So the million-dollar question is how to get Wi-Fi in your car.

In this piece, we’ll highlight three tips to getting Wi-Fi for your car. So you can capitalize on those free Wi-Fi networks whenever you’re on the go.

Is Wi-Fi in Cars Really Necessary?

Almost everyone has Wi-Fi in their homes or offices, for work, play, and other reasons. Most of us commute to our workplaces or schools every day. We spend half of the time we commute on our phones.

Wi-Fi in cars is definitely becoming a necessity. In fact, companies like GM have already started integrating Wi-Fi into their cars, heralding a future where cars with Wi-Fi will be the norm.

Here are a couple of reasons why Wi-Fi in cars is necessary:-

To Kill the Boredom

We all know how boring car trips can get. While the radio and music system is one form of entertainment, it’s not for everyone.

Wi-Fi is a sure way to crank up the entertainment. The internet is your number one source for all entertainment you’ll ever need. It can be streaming movies, listening to music, and even playing online games.

This entertainment comes in handy when you’re traveling with a bunch of restless kids. You’ll be praising the internet all the way to your destination.

To Keep in Touch

We need to keep in touch with various people, almost always. Someone with a demanding job, for instance, can’t afford spending too long offline. That means that even while traveling, you still have to maintain contact.

Social media is also an important aspect of most people’s lives. You need to respond to your DMs, update your status, and also post those stunning travel pics on Instagram. 

Online Navigation

A lot of drivers these days use their phones and tablets for navigation. Apart from navigation, the modern car also has a couple of vehicle parts that need Wi-Fi to work like the Wi-Fi mirrors.

Some of these parts include Wi-Fi mirrors and Wi-Fi DVRs. One advantage Wi-Fi has over phone internet is that the connection won’t be interrupted whenever you have an incoming call.

Hopefully, you now understand why Wi-Fi is essential in cars. We know we probably had you by the first point on killing boredom and entertainment.

How to Get Internet in Your Car via Wi-Fi

It’s not the first time you’ve thought about having Wi-Fi in your car. The first option would be using your phone’s hotspot. However, this doesn’t solve the issue about high data charges.

Fortunately, there are a couple of tips on how to get the internet in your car by having Wi-Fi.  Soon you’ll be cruising the lanes with a smooth and steady Wi-Fi connection.

1. Get a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

These Wi-Fi hotspots, also known as mobile broadband, will never let you down. First, you don’t need to drain your phone’s battery as a mobile hotspot. Next, you can switch network providers to the cheapest option for your mobile hotspot.

Some variants of these devices are locked to specific carriers, and others can allow sim cards from any network. There are many models of these Wi-Fi hotspots, some with some convenient extra features like a screen to display information such as bundle balance or internet speeds.

Most of these babies come bundled with very generous data plans. Take these data plans as incentives for you to purchase the mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.

2. Rent a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you aren’t such a frequent traveler, you can consider renting this hotspot instead of buying it. Rental prices are $7-$12 per day. These prices vary between data plans, the distance of travel, and the network carrier.

Remember to check out all options before settling on where to rent your mobile hotspot. If you travel a lot, then renting a mobile hotspot isn’t such a good idea. Also, remember to read the terms and conditions carefully before renting a mobile hotspot.

3. Get a Vehicle Wi-Fi Accessory

The cigarette lighter socket on your phone does a lot more than to light cigarettes and charge phones. It can host a variety of devices, one of them being a wi-fi dongle. 

This dongle is a permanent solution to getting the internet in your car. All you need to do is plug it in the lighter socket, and the vehicle’s systems ensure you always have an internet connection. A little disclaimer, it only works on cars manufactured past 1996 with an OBD system. Few cars before 1996 have an OBD.

There are many types of these Wi-Fi dongles, but most of them typically allow up to eight users. The device is not as costly as you’d think. You also never have to worry about charging it.

If you connect to a buggy Wi-Fi, you can always forget the network and use your mobile device. 

Most people don’t know how to forget networks on Mac, here’s how you do so, https://setapp.com/how-to/forget-a-wifi-network-on-mac

4. Buy a Roaming/specialist SIM

A roaming sim is interchangeable with a travel sim. This sim allows you to access usual rates and not the roaming rates whenever you travel.

There are many types of travel sim cards available nowadays. You’ll still have to use your phone as a hotspot, but you won’t pay the roaming charges. The sim cards work differently and depend on the one you opt for.

 Expect to pay more for this sim card, and you’ll need an unlocked phone.

Wi-Fi on Your Car Doesn’t Need Your Car’s Re-Engineering

You don’t need to take your car to the workshop to get Wi-Fi connectivity. Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated great ways on how to get internet in your car without breaking the bank.

Renting a mobile hotspot is a great idea for modest travelers. A special SIM, Wi-Fi dongle, and buying a mobile hotspot are ideal options for frequent travelers. 

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